Coitus Interuptus
Coitus Interuptus by [69]Streamer
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Geniraul Rep. 1177
#46   09 May 2023
@69loop (and anyone else who is unsure about the name of the song on this map), it is Smiling Faces by Incognito, from the year 1993:
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#45   31 Oct 2020
Decent map but can't be as enthusiastic as the reviewer. Gameplay is not that great.
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69loop unregistered
#44   13 Jul 2009
What is the name of that song?? I can't figure it out!
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Unisaw Rep. 20
#43   31 Jan 2008
I play this map alot in the bery mod. The layout is one of the best with a water feature, jump pads and enough ledge to make movement interesting and surprising. I find that most of the map is utilized in gameplay and the mezzanine layout allows players to move quickly from top to bottom. And the music is a nice touch that you hear only in one area. I used to know the name of the tune - a jazz tune that stays with you.
Edited: 31 Jan 2008 AEST
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gng unregistered
#42   28 Jan 2008
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Jester unregistered
#41   18 Dec 2001
bloody great map! ignore the comments about misaligned textures - who gives a s*!t when a map plays that well?
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duffmiver unregistered
#40   06 Nov 2001
My favourite level ever!
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antimatter unregistered
#39   11 Jan 2001
This is a strange map...but strange in a good way. Seems to be a hybrid of q3dm6 and q3dm5...not that thats bad or anything. This can serve as a lesson to amateur map designers everywhere
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RADNO{DK} unregistered
#38   27 Oct 2000
This map rocks, great speed, item placement and superb texturing. Will stay on my HD forever!
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CatwalK unregistered
#37   18 Sep 2000
This is THE BEST level, that I have ever played (out of many) - superb speed + lighting + environment + weapon/powerup placement - simply my favourite!

Changed the music though with something that sounds dark and has more rithm in it.

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Sundown unregistered
#36   08 Sep 2000
Pretty good stuff, especially the improved version. Check it at:
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Caffeine unregistered
#35   13 Aug 2000
Ilike it, I like it alot. :)

I´d recommomend it to everyone who has played him/herself tired on the original maps..

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Spank unregistered
#34   13 Aug 2000
Hi-C you said it man. Mediocre looks but what sweet flow the map has. I love it.

Its all about the flow.

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Hi-C unregistered
#33   02 May 2000
The screenshot does it no justice: this is a kick-ass map, and one quite a few designers ought to study for the way in which it flows. Plays much better than DM6 -- which it does not look as good as, but who cares? Would make an excellent map for competitions.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#32   23 Apr 2000
Not the most beautiful map in the world, but it's not like it's ugly or anything. A bit monotonously textured, a few misalignments, OK. It's quite fun though! I like the proportions of the architecture & the layout/connectivity. Makes for a fine FFA and I think it has 1-on-1 potential too.

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Spank unregistered
#31   17 Apr 2000
Ok so alot of people are complaining about misaligned textures and such. I say it doesnt matter. This map has better "flow" than any other Q3 map I've played except Peej's maps only. Excellent job Streamer and I may email you about making a map or two for our ChaosArena mod were developing :)

Frag in Peace,


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MY opinion unregistered
#30   11 Apr 2000
jesus christ! should rename this piece of shit map to misaligned_textures=shit.pak

I can't stand looking at that bluepulse texture just deadend into bricks.. wtf is that? atleast put SOMETHING there to make it look normal somewhat.. and I don't think it reminds me of an ID map because ID maps PLAY GOOD! this map his absolutly horrible.. I think the guy that made this map should have taken his precious time and spend it elsewhere..because I don't understand how some1 can spend lotsa time on a map and have it be total shit..

Bottom line_____SUCKS MY ASS

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DiZ unregistered
#29   08 Apr 2000
Damn, i love this map!

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GOD unregistered
#28   07 Apr 2000
who dares mock me?!
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GOD unregistered
#27   07 Apr 2000
I mean, thou art forgiven
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#26   06 Apr 2000
Very good frame rates. I like! Yes the jump pad around the wall was an original touch (to me anyway.) But i hardly went up there due to the fact that all the bots wanted to get down on the meat grinder floor. It is hell down there and once you get down there you wont come out untill you clear the clog..hehe (messy messy). A great map. 8
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septix unregistered
#25   05 Apr 2000
good map, the music loop mixes weird with my fear factory, but this is more of a tool map i suppose, i always get smashed against the wall where there is only a shotgun, kuz i always think its a doorway. GOOD MAP 69 booya
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GOD unregistered
#24   05 Apr 2000
your forgiven my son
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RedFive unregistered
#23   05 Apr 2000
Streamer, I understand that feeling perfectly. Only in single-player or on a LAN can the LG be playable. With a 200-250ms ping time, it's like pissing next to the bowl and you even get the same kind of spanking !!! :D Thanx for clearing things up.

Btw, GOD, I guess I didn't play the same DM6 you played.

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#22   05 Apr 2000
This is a nice level it works good and keep you focused every second very very nice
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GOD unregistered
#21   05 Apr 2000
what a dm6 ripoff 2/10
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[69]Streamer unregistered
#20   05 Apr 2000
RedFive, sure it's not a BFG, but I really hate that gun, so it's just for personal reasons I put it there :)
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RedFive unregistered
#19   05 Apr 2000
Thanx Streamer! I guess I spent too much time getting a totally rad score and was too busy to look up! But why make it so hard to get; the LG ain't the BFG...
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Chain unregistered
#18   05 Apr 2000
You can rocketjump from the RL ledge to get to the LG. But that is about as hard to do as to Rjump from the jumppad. And about calling this map a rip-off from DM6. I dont agree, perhaps in some areas you can find similarities like the jumppad to RL or having the railgun near a big curved wall. But a Volvo isnt a rip-off of a Ford because it has 4 wheels? I like the map and its one of the most strategic custom map I've tried so far. I'd like to see it among the Q3Tourney maps.
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Johnny unregistered
#17   04 Apr 2000
I guess I was a bit vague. The gameplay in this map is rather good and it runs very smooth too. Those are what I feel are the maps strongpoints. In terms of looks though, there is no improvisation but only imitation, some areas are literal clones of q3dm6. That should explain my previous comment.
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#16   04 Apr 2000
Hello me again I have a problem and I thought maybe you can solve it I want to d/l this level but q3 arena doesn't work no more I switched my old for my new 3d card and now when I play a level it just crashes can anybody help me i'm out of sollutions?????

PS I tried lowering the resolution.

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Nimrod unregistered
#15   04 Apr 2000
There is a LG but it's hard to get to it ...

You have to do a rocketjump on the jumppad next to the rl/ya. The boost will make you fly up to a platform over the yellow armor.

But as I said it's a tough jump and you have to strafe in the air to the ledge by the wall up there to get to the platform ...

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[69]Streamer unregistered
#14   04 Apr 2000
Thank you all for your great understanding on what i've done here. I don't care about eye candy that much, just that the level runs fine and plays fine. Sure it has to be somewhat nice looking though.. :)

Anyway, I just have to ask Johnny here, why are you saying that it's a rearranged ID map? Sure, I use their textures.. but what more?

RedFive, explore that mystical science of jumppad rocket jumping and you'll find treasure :)

Thanks, over and out.

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RedFive unregistered
#13   04 Apr 2000
I really liked this map even if it's on the drab side. Is it just me or is there no LG even if there's ammo for it? If it's there I couldn't find it. Oh, when I use the around-the-block jump I get a weird problem; btw I get this problem every time I hug a wall. The textures smear like wet paint, but everything turns back to norm as soon as I get off the wall. I don't get it. If anyone knows what's up with that drop me a line.
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Johnny unregistered
#12   04 Apr 2000
I'm not a fan of rearranged Id maps. 4/10
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Haccess unregistered
#11   04 Apr 2000
Forget all your fancy-shmancy architecture crap, this level was made by people that know what they're doing. The item placement is superb. All of those gimmick maps are worthless except for a quick eye-candy run through, especially when the map maker (who obviously doesn't play competitively) tosses in BFG, Quad, etc. This map is very nice, maybe not so much in appearance... layout, weapon placement, and fluid gameplay make this a superb level.
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Trump3t unregistered
#10   03 Apr 2000
This map has a great gameplay. Try it on one on one and you will be pleased.
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Nimrod unregistered
#9   03 Apr 2000
Speaking of texture alignments.

Considering that 90% of most players is using low details, low everything. Then I don't care much if a blue light is misplaced.

I'm judging by how fun it is to play the map. If there's plenty of action then I say 9/10

If it had the looks aswell then it would be a perfect 10 :)

The weapon placing and armor placement is superb too. A very good balanced level.

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Jim unregistered
#8   03 Apr 2000
Here is a map which has a good layout, but unfortunately it sufferes from a multitude of texture misalignments- For example, I noticed a couple instances in the water, and where the animated blue "energy pulse" texture is- in a few places, it just ends in a plain wall texture- looks a bit odd.

While it plays well with high framerates throughout, and is structurally sound- I found it a bit bland visually. Almost hard for me to belive that it has such a high score- I'd say its worth a 7- no more

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Rokscott unregistered
#7   03 Apr 2000
Considering the open and conective nature of this map I was surprised at the resonably high frame rate I got !

Looks good, plays good....HMMMM, it is GOOD!


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Chain unregistered
#6   03 Apr 2000
Besides that some more textures could have been used, I really like this map. It is the gameflow of this map that makes it rock. The bots is good targetpractising, but I found that 1vs1 play is awesome. Even better than my favourite Tourney4. I give it 9 out of 10.
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Nauz unregistered
#5   03 Apr 2000


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ThunderCall unregistered
#4   03 Apr 2000
Man it's just like playing a "real" ID map again ... It has the Q1Dm6, Q2Dm1 and Q3Dm6 feel to it ... Good Job!!

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Dork Maul unregistered
#3   03 Apr 2000
Easiest the best Custom made map I've seen.

It's nice to see some inventive use of the jumppad, such as the bent along the wall jump and the rjpadjump up to the Lightninggun. Very cool feauture too with the musicbutton. Good work Streamer!

ID should take a look of this guy's work ...

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Dutch unregistered
#2   03 Apr 2000
When I dl'd this I got 69 pickup and 69 tourney.Pickup was fun and I liked the around the wall launch. The tourney map was small and disjointed I thought.
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KennyLingus unregistered
#1   03 Apr 2000
Not bad. Could have been finished off a little better, holes in walls and jump pads that send you into them. Should have been finished properly before being released
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