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Threewave - q3wpak4 by Various
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Tig Rep. 1682
#6   02 May 2022
@rYz3n : Whatscheiser has put together a patch file to fix a skirmish menu error with q3wcp21 - La Bastille by Sock. It is linked in the review and is here too -
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rYz3n Rep. 33
#5   09 Apr 2022
Purely classic, no need to say.
For people who see an inoperable La Bastir map with the default thumbnail (Q3A icon) listed in CTF mode, the easiest fix is to delete bastir.arena under scripts directory.
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Tig Rep. 1682
#4   06 Jan 2013
@Death Knight: No, but you could write your own. It is not too hard. See - which includes a "patch" that will convert a number of maps into a Tier. If you do not know, PK3 files are just ZIP files with the file extension changed.
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Death Knight unregistered
#3   05 Jan 2013
i know this is a stupid question but does the threewave mod include a single play CTF? like in team arena if ya know what i mean. ^_^
cuz i want to play these packs in single player and not on skirmish or multiplayer.
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99ymx Rep. 118
#2   28 Dec 2012
Exact number is 9.125
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#1   19 Oct 2012
I should add some informations about this release and all the threewave map releases as well... Threewave is much older and these levels included in the 3w release are about 2000 - 2007, so they're about 5 - 10 years old...

That was the historical part. Now construction part of the levels. I'll be much strict, so there may some information be missing...
1st map - Oh, what a blast. There's nice skybox that looks like a Moon relief or something like this... If the hole in ceiling was clipped, the rating of map should be 10/10, but this issue counts rating down by a half: 9.5/10 (still great)
2nd map - Much classic shaderlab textureset. Industrial theme is my rest of like while I'm an industrial child :D Conectivity is realy brilliant, 10/10
3rd map - Hmm, nice enemy territory as the textures are a bit industrialy and like alienbase based... I like the alien theme as well as war theme. There are few minor issues that don't count the rating much down... 9.5/10
4th map - Blood and scaring theme is the basic flag of Halloween... I like Halloween themed work a lot, minor issues conted rating down by one point from the ten: 9/10
5th map - Sock's architecture is amazing at all! This is total blast so rating isn't any other than 10/10
6th map - Geit is much unknown author for me, but his work has blasted my mind... Castle themed maps are nice and this is pretty nice map: 9/10
7th map - Most popular level played also on Quake Live as well... While ID Software likes this level I must say besides minor issue of positioning holdable item is this level briliant: 9.5/10
8th map - The last level of pack. From half empty level without the most important rune shit Guard is gameplay of level a bit boring. Theme is great, but there are couple of factors that haven't been much solved so it's counting the rating by three and half points: 6.5/10 (good level, but a bit boring)...

This pack is much of sort and IMO fully described including this additional comment.
So let's calc the rating of whole pack - (9.5+10+9.5+9+10+9+9.5+6.5)/8 = 9/10

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