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Overgrowth by Despair
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FragTastic Rep. 1410
#6   14 Jan 2012
OMG! The details in this map are brilliant. Gameplay is top notch! 10/10.
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DGhost Rep. 160
#5   19 Sep 2011
This map is very well done. The layout is well thought, the weapons/ammo/items are carefully placed. I really like it. Like TheMuffinMan say in his review this is a professional work. Also, it's pretty big and yes it may be confusing for moving in it at first but after a couple of minutes it's easier to find our way. My only disapointment with this map is that it doesn't support one flag CTF and Team Arena.

If you are interested, I've loaded the map on my Quake 3 public server @ It's running the Threewave mod, you'll find the map in one of the voting room on the first floor. Sadly the level shot won't work in it - look for the blank level shot with the map name of desctf1.

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gooball Rep. 775
#4   18 Jul 2011
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Wow, that map looks pretty good.
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SW12 unregistered
#2   05 Jun 2011
This map is too dark for my tastes.
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kimza Rep. 0
#1   05 May 2011
The screenshots look great, but i feel the map deserves better lighting.
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