The Campgrounds II CTF
The Campgrounds II CTF by sst13
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#2   22 Nov 2020
Didn't tried it with bots or humans but looks fun enough. I would have made the centre of the map a bit more open and put a quad there. Powerups give a lot of dynamic to the gameplay.
The only potential problem (or perhaps its greatest appeal?) is the fact that the flow is unbalanced, becaus of the location of the flag. That is, if you grab the flag, you will always want to go through the shorter side, which is rocket jump up and then through RL room and viceversa. There is never a reason to the another route... unless you want to counter that same tendency... Again, this could be a problem or an advantage. Don't know.
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#1   24 Sep 2010
I swear I saw this map quite sometime ago... maybe it was someone else's.
Regardless, as I passionate DM6-hater, I am surprised at how much I enjoy this map. 8/10.
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