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Vertical Extended Venegance
Vertical Extended Venegance by Kaffeewunder
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HDK! Rep. 190
#5   02 May 2012
Las reglas de Anarky... =)
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FragTastic Rep. 946
#4   07 Jan 2012
I love this map.
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Hooyaah Rep. 410
#3   23 May 2010
Yes, I too found a missing shader file but it didn't ruin the map for me. The appearance of the map is quite nice overall and game-flow is acceptable. I would have voted for some ambient sounds but I still give this one a decent rating. I agree with the two comments so far; I look forward to more from Kaffeewunder as I recognize an author's potential to amaze us.
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Delirium Rep. 30
#2   02 May 2010
This map was fun, bots were a bit iffy and the textures were bland

defiantly looking forward to future maps. gj

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cityy Rep. 230
#1   28 Apr 2010
Uh, I didn't figure the title was misspelt. :) Looking forward to see more maps by kaffeewunder!
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