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Peer q3version by Takkie
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^7Rikken unregistered
#4   08 Sep 2009

Take your pick... pink sky boxes, pink 'missing' textures, pink teleporters... all three of the other maps look like they came from the Pepto Bismol Map pack.

Agree on Oetoe, I D/L'd it from the map queue here and it's my personal favorite.

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Foralarx Rep. 688
#3   08 Sep 2009
Erm, I think 7Rikken's comment refers to Kamasutra by thefury.

Takkie, you are more than welcome, thank you for sharing the maps with us all. In reference to this map I really think this offers much more Zacharias in terms of 1 on 1. Zacharias is a good for a quick no nonense 2 on 2 or 3 player game.

You should submit q3oetoe here as it offers a little more than your other works todate and will show you're not a complete one room pony ;) It's also probably your best work todate, though from a personal point of view I also happen to like, q3KwabKamp and q3Animoe.

Anybody else reading this I encourage you to visit the author's website and take a look at his other maps.

Takkie, I'm looking forward to exchanging posts with you on the Quake3world forums.


Edited: 08 Sep 2009 AEST

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^7Rikken unregistered
#2   07 Sep 2009
This is actually the only map released this month that I'm keeping. I like the textures and cohesive theme (shocking pink and urinal yellow are the new black, judging from this months submissions). The gameplay is definitely there, too.

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Takkie unregistered
#1   07 Sep 2009
Thank you for the reviews Foralax.
I'm glad you've kept an open mind to these box maps of mine.
Thanks again!
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