Crescent by Hipshot
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Mad unregistered
#19   29 Sep 2020
This is like the best duel map ever. Looks and plays beautiful.
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#18   25 May 2020
This map is so addictive! Although a tight map (no big open spaces), gameplay really kicks off as soon as you get used to it. Bots play it very well. The water places can be a bit annoying at times but you get used to them quite quickly. Moving through the map using the placed platforms is definitively part of the fun. A keeper!
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Obsessed Rep. 658
#17   13 Jan 2019
Awesome map, as usual tho )
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Porto Rep. 132
#16   12 Aug 2017
Too bad FFA is not an available game type. I've been playing FFA with 3 others for a while now. It's really hectic but still not chaotic and loads of fun. There are only just not enough health packs but you get used to fragging a lot and dying fast. Live fast die young.
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KINGWATERRAT unregistered
#15   14 Feb 2013
giving this a a Q2 and Q3 gamer from 2002 love to see this shit... your site rocks my friend...if you need some file hosting for free let me
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Decay - Dane Kljakovic unregistered
#14   05 Nov 2010
This is a really great map, in many ways … as others have noticed before me. …
and I don’t want to repeat that which is already said, but to point out few of its features and qualities...
and try to formulate my own thrill of it…
kinda like an alternative review, if you like...
from my own point of view, of course :).

First impression was made by "Crescents" visually unique style: unusually strange at first, but turned out appealing unexpectedly fast.
Second was the connectivity: scoping the map it seemed little hard to learn at first, with corridors that looked really narrow and no "dominating flat open central area" [reminiscent of q3dm10 Nameless Place layout]... and, of course, too many pools that I seem to constantly slip into :) But it caught up me, so I decided to stick [ran] around for a while... and it all started to make sense:

Crescent has gameplay in which experience of a player really makes a difference.
And its action really gets [vertically] beautifully :) as you learn the map. Its size, good connectivity and mastering "more than few" trick jumps allow you to get from one end to another in seconds, enabling control of "the key elements" of the game. "Too many" pools give new meaning to the words "camping" and "watch your step" :), adding to its gameplay an element of surprise never seen in a map before (at least not by me). Besides all of that, there are also few places where a rocketjump can add a certain beauty to that "where did that come from" feeling.

And after all that, it still is a small map, with well balanced 1on1 hunting action. If you use it more than a Tournament, I think that gameplay loses its element of (listening) tactics… and maybe 3 player FFA works well, but I don’t think you should go further.

There’s a lot more that could be added, but I think you get the impression :)

Quake3Arena is not played that much anymore; after all, ten years have passed. Somehow, my friends from work and me have rediscovered it recently… and it made us younger a little. So I went out on LVL to see what levels I missed in last 5-6 years …and, right now, it seems that we can’t get enough of Crescent :)
Also, we tried out other maps made by Hipshot… and they are all astounding, don’t get me wrong… but none has a gamplay as good as this one… but maybe it’s just me :)

Someone should tell those guys responsible for adding new maps to "newly born online game" QuakeLive about this "Mediterranean Jewel" :) It definitely is one of the best Quake3 maps out there.

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RedOne Rep. 97
#13   12 Aug 2010
One of the best Quake3 maps i ve ever seen. Really very good, and the style is unique. Also like the diferent gameplay that this map provides.
Edited: 12 Aug 2010 AEST
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WarFire unregistered
#12   14 Sep 2009
This map looks so awesome. When I fisrt saw the screenshot, I thought it was a Half-Life 2 map :D
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Srx unregistered
#11   28 Aug 2009
This is a very solid map.
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Ch1ef Rep. 20
#10   27 Aug 2009
I really cannot fault this level and this owes largely to the fact that Jochum Skoglund is a professional level-designer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

:asslicking detected:
Nothing mindblowing, just another good map. But jump pads are awesome! :D
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fKd unregistered
#9   25 Aug 2009
wow someone gave this a 1.5 out of 10? wtf is up with that?
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AEon unregistered
#8   14 Aug 2009
Really nice map, I love the texture choice and design.
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Hipshot Rep. 256
#7   06 Jul 2009
Thanks for the comments.
There's a lot of things that could have been made to make it look better, what you mentions, wines, a portal sky city, etc. But my goal here was to keep the size below 10MB, since I've gotten a lot of critique for my levels physical sizes over the years. So having it below 8.5MB felt really satisfying. I managed to keep the lightmap and the texturing at pretty good quality anyway, actually, it looks better than some of my other recent levels, where I have not worked so much on trying to keep the size down.
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Lt. Cmdr. Salinga unregistered
#6   05 Jun 2009
Elite Force conversion of this map here:
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#5   30 May 2009
The style of the architecture and the colors used make for such a life-like environment. My only wishes would be to have the pools joined together for a bit of swimming. It would be fun to find easter eggs in the underwater areas that would be created. Ambient sounds might be nice, but a little quiet solitude for fragging may have been what the artist intended; after all, it's easier to hear someone running up on your position without sound(s) to drown out the footfalls. I don't mean to sound critical. I know that is much easier for one to find some room for improvemnt than to create such a beautiful and functional map in the first place. Here's where I say thank you Hipshot for the excellent work.
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TDM-clan unregistered
#4   29 May 2009
Gr8 level!
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Scythe unregistered
#3   29 May 2009
This map turned out beautifully. Excellent work!
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Spinolio unregistered
#2   28 May 2009
Very nice map! Thank you...
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cityy unregistered
#1   28 May 2009
This is awesome..
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