T-pak2c by T-kölök
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gooball Rep. 1091
#4   07 Feb 2011
Source file? ;)
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Brian unregistered
#3   28 Nov 2010
The Mission Special 1
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T-kölök Rep. 2
#2   15 Jul 2009
Thanks your help. I know these maps aren't so good and nice. But when I played, I enjoyed it. Furthermore I know these maps are dark, unforunately.

I am going to try to build my maps better. But I don't promise that they will bigger.

And don't worry! I am going to send new maps.

(I hope you understand me. I don't speak very well English.)

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Anonymous unregistered
#1   12 Jul 2009
I played these maps a while back and I remember scale was one of the author's main problems. You need to give players some more room to move around.

I also saw some refreshing original ideas, though. My advice would be to browse around the site and take a look at what's working in the more successful maps - just don't lose the unique look and feel that you've got going here. Also, spend some more time on your next map. It's better to have one great map than ten rushed maps that few will play.

Hoping to see more,

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