Screenshot for CUBEdotMAP by DaEngineer
Added: 25 Jan, 2009   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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15 Apr 2018
It is great to see someone make a map based off the movie like this. I came up with this idea myself before but wanted to make a game off it & have it like the 2nd movie Hyper-cube where the rooms would move and shift around at random. Trying to program and design something like that is beyond my knowledge & I doubt could be done on an older engine like ioQuake3.
I think they did a decent job at trying to figure out how to make this work for this game but I don't know that this game is good for this type of map.
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13 Feb 2013
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10 Jan 2012
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I saw this map on youtube like 2 years ago. The map looks fun.
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18 Mar 2011
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This level looks crazy hot! i'm going to download it.
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13 Feb 2009
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After having seen the film, i had the idea to do exactly the same map !
But in this time i was so bad at mapping and i just stopped the map.
So i'm happy to see someone who had the same idea to do a funny map like that :)
Thx ;)
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04 Feb 2009
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Install Win'98 back ;)
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02 Feb 2009
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i can no more make maps, win vista let gtk radiant make strange things... :(
The last version too is something like unusable... i want back my old shortcut bindings :(
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01 Feb 2009
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Forget about that: bots and the fly power-up just do not match. :D
Regarding the map, I would like to see another version, like the one you did, but without the fly power-up. If low gravity is low enough, I guess there's no need of a fly power-up unless the cubes are too big.
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25 Jan 2009
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i've tried to make a map like this long time ago after seeing the films called "The cube" and "the cube 2: hypercube" but with some differences: zero gravity, inf fly powerup. There was the problem that bots weren't able to move with the fly powerup. I don't know why btu it were looking quite weird. With other players was funny but against bots... a total disaster...I hope this one won't have the same troubles as mine had. (i've just deleted it the my map due it was unplayable)

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