Unholy Formula
Unholy Formula by Zihaben & Himitsu
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#15   26 Sep 2020
The texturing and map design is truly amazing and unique, a piece of mapping art. Unfortunately, gameplay does not match such greatness.
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#13   26 Feb 2018
very addicting map. i love it
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nick13 Rep. 34
#12   12 Mar 2012
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#11   18 Jan 2012
Excellent :). 10/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#10   17 Jul 2011
I really liked the architecture. Very good for its time, and it had a certain atmosphere to it that i like, but can't really explain.
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AEon Rep. 760
#9   21 Aug 2009
This is one of the maps where you say, what is a UT2004'ish map doing here, i.e. the dominance of vertical gameflow elements (that normally hurt a map badly). And after playing for 5 minutes one it tempted to drop the map. Because, "where the heck" do the bots get the BFG and RG from... after more exploration you will find "hidden" addtional paths to all the extras and weapons and learn about the TPs.

After that you should have a blast with the bots (vQ3, Hardcore) in the central areas, with many clever jumps, e.g. the Invisibility or the central RA is always fun to grab. There is so much to see, and so much action going on that the map is just plain fun, and keeps you playing.

This is one of the "new generation" maps with "massive" amounts of brushwork and details, but still plays well enough, FPS-wise. Amazing!

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Anonymous unregistered
#8   10 May 2009
great map
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#7   10 May 2009
Absolute genius. Bravo! A must have for any who love Quake3. So much painstaking detail and awe-inspiring realism may cause one to have a religious experience.
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=DarkSprout= unregistered
#6   05 Feb 2009
When will this map be made Map Of The Year?
Check out Zihaben other maps: Berlin Roof is a keeper...
(Oh you may need a good GPU)
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db unregistered
#5   17 Nov 2008
Totally recommended. You'll do yourself an injustice if you don't try this map out.
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Anonymous unregistered
#4   04 Sep 2008
Really nice map and so forth, one of the most amazing things is the skybox, you can't see it on the common screenshot so start looking for others or play the map and see for yourself.
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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 74
#3   20 Aug 2008
Quite cool gameplay on 3-5 players, the bfg spoils the fun a bit though. The graphics and the whole layout are breath-taking and the music is an interesting bonus, helping to create some Blade Runner-like atmosphere. This one is a keeper indeed.
Edited: 23 Aug 2008 AEST
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wakey Rep. 203
#2   27 Jul 2008
Very interesting map, something new in style, at least for q3.
The atmo reminds me a little bit of games like Turok2 and other classics.
Cool thing, 9/10
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Mark unregistered
#1   24 Jul 2008
Firstly i have to commend the author on his custom textures and himitsu for the haunting soundtrack that goes with the map. The architectural features and atmosphere is slick and needs no extra work. However there is some dubious item placement (such as invisibility accessible on the way up to the RG, and 2 SG in the same room with 4 accompanying ammo clips each - thats 8 clips in total!) showing a little immaturity in gameplay. On the plus side of this there is only 1 clip for the BFG ( at the opposite end of the map ) meaning the player with this weapon will have to run the gauntlet. The author was a little heavy handed in clipping window frames and crates that could have otherwise been used as jumping platforms to other areas. There is also an entire area behind the LG side of the main arena that is unutilised. Once you're in there you aint getting out unless you can pull off a 2xRJ up and back from the recess - viewable from inside the arena through a corridor with green fog. A nice place to stop and admire the gorgeous skybox - but on the whole this area is untidy and could do with a great deal of cleaning up.
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