Stoneface Islands
Stoneface Islands by sst13
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#11   13 Jan 2021
I like the improvements on this map to the first: player load/routes and utilising the mouths of the statues as teleports
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Megamind unregistered
#10   04 Apr 2020
This map would go great with monkeys of doom.
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myleg123 Rep. 90
#9   27 Jun 2016
This map is definitely enjoyable. I like the cartoon graphics and that you can rocket jump without getting hurt. Though not as good as the Floating Stonefaces map, it's still good.
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Kyall Rep. 407
#8   10 Mar 2012
This is a fun map. I like the cartoon-styled graphics, and just the setting out of the map in general. 9/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#7   06 Jan 2012
Very Cartoonised Graphics :). Love it :P.
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Someone unregistered
#6   26 Nov 2011
The bots and me were the only things that looked anything like they were 3D. It basically looks like me and my opponents have been transported from the real world to a cartoon world. Great map to me.
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lol unregistered
#5   24 Dec 2010
This map added such cartoon-ish effects :(
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SW12 unregistered
#4   19 Apr 2010
Those easter-houses remind me of something from spongebob.
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Tig Rep. 1612
#3   29 Aug 2008
@Justin: Check out the Quake 3 World forums - - and Level Makers (Quake series section) -
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Justin unregistered
#2   29 Aug 2008

i was making my first map and i was wondering how to add bots to my map..
im using gtkradiant, and if i convert it to bsp gtkradiant runs quake and i'm in my map.. i click ESC then ADD BOT.. but an error in my console: AAT File not initialized..

can you / someone else help me?

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sst13 unregistered
#1   25 Jul 2008
It's not really a new map. It's just a mixture between 2 Maps I already made.
Design and gameplay are familiar with "Floating Stonefaces" and the layout comes from "Dark Void".

"Floating Stonefaces" can't really handle a lot of players so I wanted to make a bigger version of it.
Thanks to Wilko "HerrW" for the ignition to make this map.

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