the den
the den by marc kelly
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#13   06 Jul 2011
Its like a calmed version of Hells Gate
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Roger unregistered
#12   30 Mar 2000
Hmm - I do think the item placement needs improvement. Too easy to spawn far from a gun and get blasted quickly. Also, I think a tad more ammo would help. Agreed that a few more clip brushes are also required. I found myself snagging on buttresses on some of the side walkways.
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Dutch unregistered
#11   29 Mar 2000
OozEd you are not alone.It is a shame that some good looking levels like this have parts that lag and kill gameplay.
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0ozEd unregistered
#10   25 Mar 2000
Doesn't anyone want to comment how the map lags out around the rocket area? This is a serious performance problem other nice looking maps posted lately...seriously detracts from the gameplay (when your fps tanks).

Oh well, maybe I'm the only one who has a problem with this.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#9   24 Mar 2000
i thought it was a good map nice detail with a lot of cool things goin on, but i think he needs to improve his item placing and his use of the common/clip texture because i only saw it used once to cover a lamp, and there was plenty of spots he copuld have used it for. and again about the item placement, i mean, come on he put a box of lightning at one end coming from a jump pad where a wepon would have been much better! anyway i though he did a good job with all the visuals, although i dont know what r_speeds are so i cant comment on that.


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Jim unregistered
#8   24 Mar 2000
correction- it wasn't a 2nd RL- it was a box of rockets- I just remember using my RL quite extensively in that area trying to RJ up to the pipes so I could crawl to a good sniping spot- almost seems that those pipes were put there intentionally for that reason, and the bots do seem to like to congregate in that hallway quite often. Thanks for the tip on how to find the GL- I guess I never went back up that way, I must have always taken the "low road" instead of the "high road" while going thru that area.
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Jim unregistered
#7   24 Mar 2000
I wandered around this map for about 15 mins before playing with bots- I must have missed the GL 100 times! I did find a second RL on a ledge with the RG. Never did see a battle armor either...

Time to do some more exploring

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MogWaEE unregistered
#6   23 Mar 2000
Jim: the grenade launcher is on a ledge next to the RL... you must have missed it :).

Mac: I love the little message you get when you make the rocket junp to the battle suit :).

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SiCdeth unregistered
#5   23 Mar 2000
i didnt play the map yet but is it just me or does the screen shot (in small version) look like the map where u fight klesk
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Jim unregistered
#4   23 Mar 2000
Great layout, nice architecture, and very nice visuals and use of shaders. The openness and interconnectiveness of the larger areas make this map play very well. I particularly liked the position of the rocketlauncher, on the platform poised nicely between those 2 connected rooms. The haste and megahealth work well, but I think I would have preferred the invis on this map- maybe alternate the invis and haste.

The styling, architecture, and ornamentation definately are worth mention and commendation. The detail is just right to make this map very appealing visually, without taking away from performance. I had a few small issues with it tho- hence I gave it a 9 instead of a 10:

  1. Most of the staircases seemed to be missing a bottom step (the bottom-most step was twice the height of the other steps)- at first I thought it was part of the style, but I noticed a few that weren't constructed this way.

  1. I think this was my biggest problem with this map- it just felt too odd to be able to walk or jump through the dangling cables. The ones placed very low (you could walk thru them) should have been mounted higher, and the ones at medium height should have blocked you if you tried to jump through them. But the dangling cables elsewhere definately worked well with the theme, just don't allow me to walk through them.

  1. When in the heat of combat- I did get killed once because I couldn't retreat an area quick enough due to the lack of a clip brush at a critical point- can't quite remember where.

  1. I found a box of pineapples, but no grenade launcher. I wandered around for quite some time looking for it and trying to explore the entire map- but I just couldn't find it.

Despite these things, this is one excellent map and definately worth keeping.

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MogWaEE unregistered
#3   23 Mar 2000
c'mon you guys! What are you talking about??? This map is great: aesthetically, it's plain beautiful (alot of ORIGINALITY going on), the gameplay is great... and no the r_speeds are not that bad... Think of jk_tourney1 for instance, or even alot of the id maps. My fps only dropped down to about 19fps in a couple areas, but the rest was fine (I'm using P2 400, V3 2k, w/ everything maxed out). I'm giving this one a 9!
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0ozE unregistered
#2   23 Mar 2000
An o.k. map...does drag a bit in places...especially around the rocket launcher area. Some of the nices 'hanging wire's' I've ever seen...The layout seems disjointed, somehow. I didn't like the gameplay in this one for some reason. It seems as though most of the fighting wants to occur around the rl.
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HAL9000 unregistered
#1   23 Mar 2000
Definitely need to learn how to break up your larger areas with vis-blockers, such as hallways that make a couple 90deg turns.

A strange mix of base and goth textures, some of which work well, some don't.

I do like some of the architecture though. Perhaps thumb through the level editing forum over at quake3world to pick up on VIS techniques and reducing R_SPEEDS.

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