Palace of Arioch
Palace of Arioch by Yngwie
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SW12 unregistered
#13   28 Nov 2010
nada. The Arcitecture was similar to that of the Mystic gemini map but the structure of whats shown in the screenshot is identical. I know this map exists. I just gotta keep hunting.
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Tig Rep. 1604
#12   27 Nov 2010
@SW12: Try 'House of Evil' by ShadowZombie
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Tig Rep. 1604
#11   20 Nov 2010
@SW12: From the top right of the site, try: 'Browse' -> 'Screenshots'
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SW12 unregistered
#10   20 Nov 2010
Or maybe the setting was closer to mystic gemini's Walls and foliage. But I can tell you, what I am trying to say the structure of the screenshot I'm explaining looked nearly EXACTLY like the one in this screenshot.
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SW12 unregistered
#9   20 Nov 2010
@Tig: Basically what I've been looking for this whole time, Has one screenshot that looks like the one for this map. Exactly like the screenshot but with more like the Castle CTF textures. With more foliage. it had the two doorways just like in this picture. and the two walls at a corner. with some grass in the screenie as well. The screenshot for the map looks almost exactly as the one for this map. Do you know what I'm getting at yet?

Anyway, I'll attempt your method too, of course.

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Tig Rep. 1604
#8   20 Nov 2010
@SW12: Try Citadel Insatiable by Myth. Failing that, try the following short cut keys:

  1. Open the map nav bar at the bottom of the screen if it is closed.
  2. Click on a 'blank' space on the map nav bar.
  3. Press the right arrow key on your keyboard to cycle through the maps
  4. When you get the last one, hold down the 'CTRL' and press the right arrow key again to load up the next batch of screenshots.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you find the map :]
I'll look into adding a visual browse option.

Also, you could try this link but the results are very limited:

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SW12 unregistered
#7   15 Nov 2010
This is what the castle map Iv'e been looking for looks like, but I am not sure. Any more maps that look similar to the details of the Screenshot?
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Nitebeat unregistered
#6   29 Jul 2002
For some reason this map hasn't left my q3 folder...

It's not my favourite though, and some weapons could've been placed somewhere else. It takes time getting used to sure, but it's an ok map.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#5   09 Apr 2000
at first i really didnt like this map, mostly because of the stairways and how steep they where, i didnt hae trouble with the darkness, but after playing it for a while i feel that is a pretty ok map, my first map doesnt even have any kind of curved surfaces at all so i do have to give him credit as well, pretty good map, and i think from the criticism he can learn from his mistakes and make good maps in the future


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Wreta unregistered
#4   26 Mar 2000
Have to agree with you all..This is an ok map,infact very ok for a first map.Some things that make gameflow down was the long stairway and some weapon placement...

allround its a ok map..

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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#3   24 Mar 2000
This is an alright map.The guy who made it made a better map than my first one and i really have to give him credit for that.The bridge thing above the lava i didnt like too much but the rest of the map was ok.I didnt really like the part where you get the shotgun (under the bridge thing) kinda a waste of time.
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Jim unregistered
#2   23 Mar 2000
This was an ok map. The shadows were just too dark in many places. Beams cast weird-looking stair-stepped shadows on walls, and some areas you just couldn't tell what was there because it was too dark.

A couple of things I did like were the countours of the grassy courtyard, and where you could grab the rail and jump up to the hanging lantern-good sniping spot.

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Yngwie unregistered
#1   23 Mar 2000
This was my first Q3 map, I made one other one before for Q2 - so I'm a relative mapping newbie. All of the criticisms in the mini review were very valid. In the time since I submitted the level to LvL, many of these errors were pointed out to me. I made an attempt to fix some of them, and there is an updated version available @ in the files section.

I've learned alot from making this map and making it public, so hopefully my next submission to LvL will be alot better. Also I plan to make use of the beta section next time.


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