Halven by Neo Cerberus
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Neo Cerberus unregistered
#4   16 Apr 2001
Just incase any of you stumble onto this page, Halven has a new home (or has had a new home) - Team Huh Design Core - www.teamhuh.com - or a direct link to the map itself is here www.teamhuh.com/maps.asp

!This is not an updated version!

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Neo Cerberus unregistered
#3   23 Mar 2000
Actually, this map is a corner of a bigger map that I have been working on called ElysianQ3. It might not look exactly the same when I am done, will probably get rid of the upper platform and make the floor hell :), so stay looned.
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Jim unregistered
#2   23 Mar 2000
I'm not much into rail-arena (yes I suck with the rail), but this map looked good. Would have been nice if the author had made a little more effort to make it non-box.
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Neo Cerberus unregistered
#1   23 Mar 2000
This level was created as part of a project for Team Disillusioned. I came up with the layout while designing another level on paper and it just seem to fit well.

As for the missing texture, I believe he was talking about the jumppad - I used a texture from the Threewave ctf pak, but did not realize this until after my level was released...sooo if the texture does not show up and you do not have the threewave pak, get it to fix the prob. Otherwise, I have not seen anyother problems.


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