WareHouse by RivrStyx
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..::WRONG::..[3r] unregistered
#18   26 Jun 2010
Question; Why get this map when you can download the map pack including this map, AND Quake 3 High School. Teaching gladiators how to torment.
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{oBs}Your Mom unregistered
#17   17 Dec 2001
just vary the textures some and it'll be sa-weeter. I like it in that it looks almost like a prison, or that the warehouse is abandoned/frozen. Very chilly effect
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#16   12 Jun 2001
I want to tell you is these map will going to be remake for Quake 4?
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........................ unregistered
#15   03 Jun 2000
Yeah it is a bad end good level

my score: 7

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kazumichi unregistered
#14   24 Mar 2000
actually, i dont know much about quake3, but this screen looks real boring.
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kazumichi unregistered
#13   24 Mar 2000
this is totally cool...
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RivrStyx unregistered
#12   23 Mar 2000
This is RivrStyx. I don't know savatage, but thanks dude. Thought some would like to play a q2 map in q3, so i remade my favorite and added a roof area and a few jump pads. Some areas are a little different. Its all good:)
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Jim unregistered
#11   23 Mar 2000
Oh, another conversion. If I had known before doing my review I would have given it a 5 instead of a 7... oh well.

Ya can probably tell by now that I never played much DM before Q3 (28k just wasn't fun)

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Jim unregistered
#10   23 Mar 2000
This map is what happens when you combine good layout with poor visuals. When I first downloaded this, I was pretty much expecting a trashy level, due to the blandness of the textures and the AWFUL use of max-brightness in some areas. But when I started to play it I found that it was built quite well.

It just needs an interior decorator to give it new texturing and lighting- then this would be a pretty good map.

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Bongwater unregistered
#9   23 Mar 2000
Thanks for defining the term "mirror", Loser2. Of course, when you look in one of those old-fashioned "mirror"-type things, you see yourself reversed, not merely duplicated. Not doubting your intelligence, but your silly post implied that you needed a little more explanation. :P

Never liked this lvl much in q2, and it doesn't do much for me in q3. Map seems utilitarian, at best.

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Deadstar unregistered
#8   23 Mar 2000
A loser 2: The idea is that you review the maps here.. not Tigger. If the reviews are bogus you have nobody to blame but yourself.

The map looks dodgy.

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A loser 2 unregistered
#7   23 Mar 2000
If you want to play q2dm8.. fire it up q2... some people would like to play q2 maps in q3.

Not rivrstyx btw... i've DLed some q2 maps he did...and liked them. I think this sites reviews are bogus thats all and a little rough and off base. I mean read the review loser...

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A loser 2 unregistered
#6   23 Mar 2000
A mirror... is an exact copy of something. This is an not an exact copy. You see when it was reversed that changed it from being a mirror. a file on fileplanet is mirrored.. meaning a copy exactly like the others. So you be dense also..ha. He should have said a mirrored version that was reversed. Do you understand now...dense one.
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+positive+ unregistered
#5   23 Mar 2000
I like it, it's nice and brite, so you can see whats going on. Unlike alot of conversion maps out there that were made with winbsp. I wish there was a Q3

Fragging Fiesta server that ran this map all the time. Good work Rivr, keep it up. :)

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Creeping!Death unregistered
#4   23 Mar 2000
fist of all ive had this level for eons from a different site. second of all I love it because I can throw the reverse version in the middle of the rotation too have a bit of nestalgia in there and yet have a different experience than q2. Shit at least its not a exact ripoff.
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A Loser unregistered
#3   23 Mar 2000
if i want to play q2dm8 i fire up q2...simple as that.
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A Loser unregistered
#2   23 Mar 2000
I only see one dense mofo and thats you Savatage. I havent met anyone who didnt know what a mirrored version is...do you think were retarded or something that we wouldnt know what he meant by a mirrored version? I dont think we need mirrored versions of maps...he didnt either, its called an opinion. The guy didnt want to change the textures...dude if was going to do that why port it to quake 3 at all? why not just keep it in quake 2 with all its original textures? You think the roof addition is worth it? I thought it was crap, that map is full of campspots...wooptee fucking doo we got another one. Btw Tigger on never claims to have the best reviews, I believe hes stated in the past his reviews are segways into the meat of this site...the user reviews; which you gave and I read. lvlworld.com/comments.php thats a link to Tigger-On's map which I think kicks ass. I am tired of conversions especially ugly ones like this thing...my 2 cents.
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Savatage unregistered
#1   23 Mar 2000
why? Are you dense. The other mirrored version you speak of is a reversed version but you didn't say that. From what you say it was like the same map entered twice. doh. Reversed version was confusing as hell... you'd be going in different directions at first.. kick ass. I liked it and loved q2 warehouse. Was fun to play in Q3. I downloaded this from File planet awhile ago and on there the author stated he choose to keep textures..etc as close to q2 version as possible.. was his preference and could have changed things. Seems someone at this site has something against this RivrStyx guy. The roof addition that was added was great... nice for some sniping. Not alot of ammo..i guess to keep people from making a home up there. Jump pads to get you up there worked well. Armour added to roof area was nice. Also the window that was added looked great and the haste at window was a great addition. This was a great remake of the warehouse. Your reviews suck dude and you must be the worst reviewer out in the quake community and the why? you asked makes you look pretty dense. You didn't figure out it was a reversed version. What a great idea. What maps do have out..i'd like to see one. Looks like a lot of time was spent of this map ..for you to give such a lame review. BTW ..Bots played well.. keep up the good work.
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