by Senn
Mindfields by Senn
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Brett Brennan Rep. 393
#81   09 Nov 2016
I get a Borg-meets-Medieval-meets-Sci-Fi vibe from this map.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#80   07 Jan 2012
I downloaded this a while back and i prefer it to be 1v1 its awesome :).
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Slayer unregistered
#79   30 Dec 2002
This map is one of my favs. Great aesthetic, and good fun. Good work Senn.

You Suck should be shot for sport.


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QUARK unregistered
#78   03 May 2001
This map is to dark. It is hard to see the enemy.
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Mysterious Dr.X unregistered
#77   12 Sep 2000
$e||n rU1z

Ahem sorry, getting used to shitty l33t talk. Anyway, the map. I only heard of this map after Senn won the quake3stuff.com mapping compo and started to download this when I realised I'd had it for ages on my HD and was one of my favourites. He, he. I LOVE senndm2 although I seem to miss something from his first level for Q3. Anyway I'm just gonna say this map is ace without blabbering on about anything and everything on this messageboard.

Weel done Senn!

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Kurupt unregistered
#76   01 Sep 2000
I feel sorry to have to dis this map, as the author has obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. There is one glaring error in his map - the gameplay. While this map has 3 vertical levels, the whole map is set in one single room effectively (there is side rooms but they arent used much) and this makes the gameplay predictable snd boring, also imho putting in the pg was not wise. The textures are brilliant though and this is the reason it gets an average score from me. The whole giger look is phat and i would like to see it in other maps, gothic textures are so lame. Overall, the the theme and eye-cand are quality but the map is poor in the gameplay department. 6 out of 10
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Sundown unregistered
#75   08 Aug 2000
Yeah, a consensus seems to have emerged: Purdy, but not enuff fighting variety. The overall layout just makes predicting your opponent too easy, not a good dueling map, but artistically, its first-rate.
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gorilla unregistered
#74   01 Aug 2000
I agree that the gameplay gets old after a while. Its a shame because the look of it is so good. I'd like to see this author use these textures again. It's worth having on my harddrive though for sheer variety.
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Daddy Smurf unregistered
#73   28 Jun 2000
This map really doesn't stand the test of time in the gameplay department. It gets old kind of quickly. Senns other map "falling higher" is MUCH better than this one in the gameplay department.
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Mr Freak unregistered
#72   31 May 2000
I love this map. The center room works great for headhunters classic. If you want to try it, the coordinates for the altar are 9 122 1. Great Job!
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Dutch unregistered
#71   29 May 2000
This map I do not like. Senn has done better.I do not understand the good reviews. Are they friends and maybe a little biased?. Reviewers need to be unbiased or their credibility becomes suspect. This level sucks and it is no longer taking up HD space that levels like coriolus and reptilian can use.
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Supper-Bob unregistered
#70   29 May 2000
There is a reason I play Q3 not UT. So I don't have to put up with maps like this!

Poor textures and sad game play, and dark and green to boot! Take your map to UT and get out of Q3! Or look at the other top 10 and learn a few things.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#69   27 May 2000
I've removed a few double post by You SUCK (in case you where wondering where they went)
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Map HATER unregistered
#68   22 May 2000
This lvl looks and playes like CRAP!! I HATE IT!
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Solaris *MC* unregistered
#67   19 May 2000
This map isn't above average.

Nice design, but nothing making me play it again.

And gameplay? Just a big room and some stairs&jumppads.

Play it with 3 people and its too empty, play with more and you only get some chaotic mayhem in the center.

Oh please dont be too impressed by well known name!

5 points from me

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Tonpircochmar unregistered
#66   18 May 2000
Merci encore Senn pour cette boucherie .........Ca rappel ALIEN et ├ža change des cartes gothiques qui deviennent un peu lourdes......A quand une map en lieu "reel" (montagne,foret,neige....) @+ =)
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-none- unregistered
#65   18 May 2000
it`s R U N T F E S T you dick!
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krueger unregistered
#64   16 May 2000
sorry dude. cant recommend this map. its ........boring!

Try a map called RUNFEST! a really funny map. Everything is BIG!

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Eraser[pmqc] unregistered
#63   14 May 2000
If this map is a waste of your phoneline, then isn't posting 5 messages about it a waste of your phoneline? You should just shut the f*ck up because this map is really cool and plays really nice.
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You SUCK unregistered
#62   13 May 2000
Yeah right, surem, it's a very "apart" map BUT IT SUCKS. Go play UT if you like this style and stop spoiling the Q3 community... Stupid senseless design and NO fun... a waste of my phoneline!
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LowGun unregistered
#61   02 May 2000
I love seeing maps that set themselves apart from the pack. Excellent gameplay and cool color scheme in my opinion.

Keep up the good work!

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not entered unregistered
#60   27 Apr 2000
Boring gameplay. The look -for my taste- is ugly UT.
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hhmz unregistered
#59   23 Apr 2000
oke didn't we vote for this allready?
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Ray unregistered
#58   15 Apr 2000
A high quality map, with very much detail. I REALLY like it! But sometimes you can't see your enemy because of those details. That's 9 for graphic impression and 8 for gameplay. Overall 9.
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ass sucker unregistered
#57   13 Apr 2000
Dude! If you all like this map... Check out Senn's Falling Higher Map! It kicks ass. The Texes are awsome!
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Te'KeL unregistered
#56   11 Apr 2000
Very good map, glad to see people making good maps in a non-gothic theme. :p
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erikrom83 unregistered
#55   08 Apr 2000
salut et merci pour ces moment de pur plaisir fournis par cette carte

les frenchi vous sont reconnaissant bye

eric p sud est france

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Rostking unregistered
#54   04 Apr 2000
This is what i call quite good!

I like these map but it's not the best i hve seen. :-)

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miles666 unregistered
#53   03 Apr 2000
great map! reminds me of alien w/ the cool green-black dark look. plays even better than it looks, 1 on 1 or up to 8 this is an excellent dm map.
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Frib unregistered
#52   25 Mar 2000
Senn... you are a deadset champion. :)

Absolutely gorgeous map, the visuals are amazing. The colours, the textures were just... phwoar. Atmosphere rocks. This map is very unique and the theme just makes so much more sense to me than this ridiculous 'techno-gothic' shite that id created.

I can't comment on the gameplay because unfortunately I've not been able to play it yet, looks like it'll play pretty well though. Great job man, keep pumping out those maps and textures!

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Glahan unregistered
#51   24 Mar 2000
Excellent map Senn. Checkout the review at


highest score posible! Downloading Falling Higher now!!!

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Senn unregistered
#50   24 Mar 2000
Ok guys, my new dm map code named "Falling Higher" is available in the beta section. Suggest away... im listening =)
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CoReUpPeD unregistered
#49   24 Mar 2000
Good map i liked it alot.I had a good frame rate and i liked the visuals.Reminds me alot of Unreal Tournament though.This map will stay a while on my hard drive.
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Weasel unregistered
#48   24 Mar 2000
The textures in this map are amazing, gameplay is smooth, item placement is as good as it can be. The only problem I saw was that the sky seems a little awkward
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Senn unregistered
#47   24 Mar 2000
OozE: I will post here when it goes into beta (very soon) and I will also post news on my site:


I am taking some time off to go home next week so I wont be able to work on it. I hope to get it into beta before I go so that when I return I can finish it up and do a final release. No promises... but those are my plans =)

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0ozE unregistered
#46   24 Mar 2000
Senn, will u tell us when ur map goes into the beta section? Like a map alert?


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Kiltron unregistered
#45   24 Mar 2000
What's up Senn? Of course, sweet map! :)
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0ozE unregistered
#44   24 Mar 2000
How about a link to the rail fest mod?
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Senn unregistered
#43   23 Mar 2000
Abomination: you will be pleased to know that my next release (senndm2) will not contain the Plasma gun...

Look for it in the LvL beta section soon.

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Octovus unregistered
#42   23 Mar 2000
Hmm? Who's Octopus? (strange how people think my name is a spelling error) slaps Gila =0 =)
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Krash unregistered
#41   23 Mar 2000
As far as detail goes, it's quite nice, and the custom textures are well done. As a mapper myself, I look for texture misalignments, etc. And found alot of them - mainly in the archways. Not that this detracts from the map.

I didn't really like the black/green colour scheme - seems too contrasty for me.

The map itself, however kicks much ass =]

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wyseguy unregistered
#40   23 Mar 2000
well, finally played it. great work, all the way. and darker lighting doesn't bug me at all, in fact, I sometimes prefer it to the brightly lit environments in the game. some of the texturing is a little hazy, but the overall atmosphere is wonderful.
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mtandewr unregistered
#39   22 Mar 2000
if you got lag grab the rail fest mod and play offline its kinda like instagib. this is a killer rail arena
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A Loser unregistered
#38   22 Mar 2000
hey the stairs in the pit arent that big a deal. You dont even need to do a pg jump to get out. None of you guys use the max fps trick? its how you can jump to the mega health on dm13. The same trick applys here. I dot know the exact command line cause i havent done it in a while. I think its /com_maxfps 76 . 34 works too I believe.
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Abomination unregistered
#37   22 Mar 2000
First off, I said that message was for Senn only

secondly, I said that it's the second best CUSTOM map I've ever seen for tournies, the first being beatbox by ZTN (it's very balanced, it's a lot like dm13 and it doesn't have the cheap ass plasma gun). you obviously don't play 1v1 too much because if you did, you'd know that the plasma gun can dish out 200+ dmg in the time that it takes the rail to reload once, plus in this map, it's very easy to hit with every plasma shot. Not to mention that I didn't even say that it was a bad map, all I said was that for Senn's next map, he should either

A: not put the plasma in

B: not put so much plasma ammo in one spot

C: not allow a "cheap" weapon (the plasma dmg will be reduced in the pro mod) to be both a main tool and a main weapon.

D: place something much more valuable in the GL room to keep the symmetry

(and for the record, read my posts before you try to flame them)

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0ozE unregistered
#36   22 Mar 2000
everyone's ga-ga posts over this map are gonna make me sick!

It's pretty, plays well, yes..but it ain't all that.

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Xile unregistered
#35   22 Mar 2000
so Abomination.. if this is the second best map you have seen.. whats the first? I mean what could possibly be better than this map?

I also have to flame your post about this maps weapon placement.. I think its just about perfect.. I play mostly over a lan so I don't have lag in my games. therefore the railgun is the best weapon in this map. occasionally when I play over the net I grab the plasmagun because you can still hit people with it in lag. but because I have railskillz I stick to that gun. I guess you just don't got the skillz it takes and you go for the pussyplasmagun instead of the railer


(btw I gave it a 10)

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Abomination unregistered
#34   22 Mar 2000
ok ok, I have to admit that this is the second best custom map (tourney type) that I've seen so far :), but I wanted to add a note for Senn so his next map could be used for many tournies to come.

First off, the tricks are there but a little useless (some of them) but for tricks it gets a 7 (strafe jump to RA kicks ass).

Now, the design. I really like the open pool type area where you have to walk out on those stairs but areas like this create an umbalance... the entire map is symmetrical so the plasma and GL are meant to be equal but, in such an open map, the GL is nearly useless and the plasma is fucking powerful as hell AND on top of that, you can get out of that middle area in a jiffy with a plasma jump so its even more helpful. Plus, you can grab the RA without having to the stairs with a couple of plasma shots as you hit the jump pad, so it makes the plasma a tool and a weapon, therefore, maybe the rail should be in the GL room and something like a MH where the rail is. and there also shouldn't be that much plasma ammo, considering that each plasma shot does 20 dmg, and the fact that the map is open, means that it would be easy to deal 100 damage in 5 shots, and unlike q3tourney4 (a decent 1v1 map) there are no places to hide and shoot. so you're pretty much screwed against the plasma. design = 8 item placement = 5

now for structure. Symmetrical maps for tournies are good for how easy they are, but not as satisfying as playing a non-symmetrical map because they get boring fast. structure = 8

Environment is probably the best feature on this map (of course) because first off, it has my favorite colors (black and green) and it looks like a mako reactor =P. The lighting was a little sedate, but who cares, it looked phat. environment = 10

Detail I guess was the main fault I found, the tricks were easy and obvious but none that could really help and not enough detail many tricks. (I can get a demo of all the tricks I found on this map) detail = 5

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Gila unregistered
#33   22 Mar 2000
Aren't Octopus lame?
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hmmmzzzzzzzzhhhmmmghhh unregistered
#32   22 Mar 2000
wreede map hey knap hoor dat jij zulke mooie maps kan maken

keep up the good work:)

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hmmz unregistered
#31   22 Mar 2000
OMG!!!! This map is one of the best ever!!!!
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Octovus unregistered
#30   22 Mar 2000
Hahah aren't I lame? It's the first time I've done that, putting the tags on and then forgetting to close that. Oh well won't do that again. =)
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Octovus unregistered
#29   22 Mar 2000
Well here I am adding my comment to the pile...IMHO if this map was ugly and every other custom map in the world was ugly it would end up somewhere in the middle for its weapon/item/health placement. Not that many weapons, so I found that the TDM I was looking forward to playing on this map didn't work with the defauly weapon respawn times though with a little tweaking it was okay. I found instagib or instagib plus was a good way to play this map as if it had a weak point it was in item placement. And atmosphere....well there are sure as hell many things I could relate it to, but first of all it freaking rocks ! I can see where the Alien versus Predator comments on coming from, but here's what I think provides the best analogy...kill me for it but FF7 (and maybe other Final Fantasy game players, I haven't got FFF8 yet and didn't play any from before FF7) it felt a lot like I was inside a Mako Reactor, if people come in here to comment could they mention if they agree with me, it may seem a funny request but it felt so much like that to me that I want to see if I'm just nuts. Anywho, nice map, 7 or so but atmosphere made it an 8. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Visceral Monkey unregistered
#28   22 Mar 2000
Nice! But the brick just dosent belong. Like the sky box with mon and clouds, reminds me of UT which has better visuals in that department. Liked the dark atmosphere, maybe build a starship lvl with these next time..that would be cool..
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A Loser unregistered
#27   22 Mar 2000
i felt the brick walls were kinda out of place but other than that this thing rocked. plus the bots played extremely well. great map senn cant wait to see more. looking forward to shattered realm as well
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Gila unregistered
#26   22 Mar 2000
Just played it. It looked good on the screenshot. But when I played it, all I can say - everyone should try this map and see how it rocks!

As for Alien versus Predator atmosphere, it's here but a little in other form, because in AvsP there were more mixed colored lightning.

Nice layout, good gameflow, excellent textures and construction.

What separates good designers from the best designers? Their detail level! This is the case, where details are very high.

If senn will make a special Tier of such kind of maps (I really like the theme) and will put them all in one bunch, that would shock everyone. Yeah, Senn, please never do a "space" levels like id's ones in QIIIA - they look awful in comparsion with gothic or such theme as your level has.

Another pro for this level is that lightning is "serious", I mean... well it's sharp, and don't throws differently coloured stuff in your eyes! Really good.

Damn cool map! Nothing more to say. I gave it 10!

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Shadow unregistered
#25   22 Mar 2000
OMG!...., this map fucking rocks!!!!. My favourite map from now on .... THE best textures and originality in any Q3 map I have seen so far.
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wyseguy unregistered
#24   22 Mar 2000
hey, my eye hurts from trying to stuff candy into it...

hows about killing that cliche?

haven't played the map yet (stil dl'ing it) but Senn's work is always excellent. I'll give it an 8 in advance. hah.

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4Fuxache unregistered
#23   21 Mar 2000
Great map and it will stay on my drive for sure.

ps: reminds me of UT to

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Senn unregistered
#22   21 Mar 2000
Wow, thanks for the support guys... I just wanted to let you all know that your feedback (both positive and negative) is what drives most of us mappers to create new levels.

Thanks for the comments, keep em coming and I will continue to create more maps =)

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laredo unregistered
#21   21 Mar 2000
cool man
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Belial unregistered
#20   21 Mar 2000
I love it.
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mtandewr unregistered
#19   21 Mar 2000
all i have to say this fuckin map rocks, visually its by far the best! i give it a 20
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Syclone unregistered
#18   21 Mar 2000
Very nice theme and construction. It is good to see some diversity in texturing.

The only problem is that the dark textures make it difficult to see opponents. I can imagine what a black skin would be like in there...

Very nice again. There haven't been enough verticle levels in either the retail game or user made levels.

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#17   21 Mar 2000
Mindfields? Is the mapper a Prodigy lover? Hopefully he's checked out thier first 2 albums...Great map though.
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Jim unregistered
#16   21 Mar 2000
Hmmm, started giving me flashbacks of the time I was abducted by the Borg and served on a cube as a drone for a few months.

This map is a keeper. The custon textures are well done, and although I thought the stone wall texture is a bit out of place here, it still looks good and doesn't really detract from the map.

Flow and item placement are good. The "death pit" at the bottom works well too. At first I thought "hey, it would be nice if you could jump out of this thing instead of having to run up the stairs", after adding bots, I found that it was done that way intentionally. Almost everytime I found myself in that pit with < 20 health, I ended up getting murdered while trying to run for the stairs to get out and find health. It's an ambush zone and death pit, and if you're in it, its time for you to die, but if you catch others in it, its a good opportunity to get an easy frag- just conver one set of steps, facing the other, or just lob grenades/rockets down from above.

And the quad- those bots ALWAYS seemed to find it within 3-4 seconds of it respawining- the bots know how to play this map well and take advantage of the layout.

I give it a 9- I guess I still have slight preference to maps that are non-symmetric- but this one has a lot going for it.

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Quaker-X unregistered
#15   21 Mar 2000
good map. reminds me of unreal....
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RedFive unregistered
#14   21 Mar 2000
Man this thing looks more like the set of Alien than the AvsP game !!! also, this is the first map to REALLY give me vertigo. I mean, since everything is basically black and white, it's easy to lose track of how high you are (say, at the Quad) and how long the drop is (I love Death From Above type moves!). So it's a perfect mix of not too big in footprint but humongous in height. I LOVE IT !!!
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Cyberhazard unregistered
#13   21 Mar 2000
I thought A&E was the bomb, but now, well I guess Mindfields is the new bigger bomb. Nice work Senn, a true brush master. I cant wait to see your next masterpice...
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Gila unregistered
#12   21 Mar 2000
One of the BEST!

Alien atmosphere OWNZ JOO!

Keep it up.

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Kenny unregistered
#11   21 Mar 2000

At least a real Alien influence in a Quake3 map :)

Even if I dislike the dark maps, this one is certainly the best I've played since Reservoir Dogs :)

This one is for fast action and eye candy :)

1 VS 1 rules on this one...Hide & seek

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0ozE unregistered
#10   21 Mar 2000
Yes, nice atmosphere...if not a bit redundant on the textures...but they are very appropriate. Very cool theme...I love green. ;)
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not entered unregistered
#9   21 Mar 2000
Wow this map is really nice, looks different frmo any other map out, looks like a borg ship. plays well nice, I get no slowdown at all.
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Onimusha unregistered
#8   21 Mar 2000
Woah, NEAT!

I like the feeling of having a 1on1 on a spacecraft in space,or what ever it is =)

I do belive i've enjoyed every single one of Senn's maps! Can't wait for your next one!

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Mister Ninethousand unregistered
#7   21 Mar 2000
Wooo, darkness prevails!

Of course I like this map; senn kicks booty!

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Senn unregistered
#6   21 Mar 2000
I am aware of all the "headbanging" and i admit, it is a problem... but decided to let it go. Once you get used to the jump pads and learn the map it doesnt happen as frequently.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#5   21 Mar 2000
GET IT NOW! This one is SWEEEEEET! Finally, some change from the basic gothic looking textures and great gameplay (yes, tig, I did bump my head a couple of times... but it's not that bad)!
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Xile unregistered
#4   21 Mar 2000
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hannibal unregistered
#3   21 Mar 2000
refreshing 'new' map; vertical play fun; great framerate for eyecandy; reminds me of the inside of the Tommyknockers ship; a bit hard to pick out opponents on the other side of map though; consider it ambience
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rubicant unregistered
#2   21 Mar 2000
visually awesome map :) provides a vertically-oriented map that doesnt slow down the framerate
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[uM]Greenthumb unregistered
#1   21 Mar 2000
i think this map sucks because there is a missing caulk texture where the armor shards are ahem HOLY SH*T THIS MAP RULEZ!!! great job senn!!!!!!!! the textures and architecture are eye-candy-level. But it's a bit too dark for my taste. Anyway, a great map that'll stay on my HD for a while :)
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