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the den
by marc
If you like or hate this map or can think of ways to improve it please contact me at **email removed** , i welcome your feed-back on this map. NNNNNNNNNNNNNN Map title: the den RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Map info: The den is small in size and has a real gritty/dirty look, some parts of it can get a little cramped but theres always a door-way or corridor waiting for you to escape down. The bots play well in the map and have no trouble navigating so i don't expect you to.The power ups are different in FFA and teamplay modes (FFA gives you haste TP gives you quad&invisibility). If you are going to play this map in team play against bots put yourself on one team and three bots on the other and get into some 3on1 action :).Oh yeh and let me know if you find this map too bright or bleached out, this version of the map uses ambient lighting because i was concerned the original was too dark so i used it to brightent it up a bit. Theres a secret in there to, its not that hard to find. For more info see below. If you haven't played my first two q3maps check out q3kel1 & q3kel2 you can get it at:www.fooker.bun.com my hp. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Tools used: q3radiant & Bspc & q3map & quake3 Big thanks to idsoftware and the authors of q3radiant & q3bspc. THANKS :) and a big thanks to all at the q3community RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR To get this map to work follow the below instructions: 1: Place the map-q3kel3.pk3 file in your quake3\baseq3 folder. 2: Start quake3 and create a multiplayer game. 3:You should find q3kel3 in the visibale map list, select it. 4: Add some bots with the menu, then start it up. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR More info: The map took me about 2 weeks on and off to build.The majority of the detail and structure was built in the last 4 days of the maps development (all indoor stuff was done on the last 2 days), the first week was spent messing around with lay-out ideas.Theres' a lot of stuff left out of this map that was originally planed, at one point i had a huge rocket shooter in there and pipe work that ran around the hole map, but the gun had to be taken out for performance reasons and most of the pipe work was taken out because it looked stupid (bad patch work).The gun didn't really alter game play as much as you might think and i am glad i got rid of it, maybee i'll put it in a more suitable map.I was also messing around with ever lasting quads but the map wasnt suiltabe for this , maybee next time.Theres one place in the map where you can get stuck(on top of the pipe above the plasma gun),if you get stuck here shoot the wall with the plasma gun or rocket launcher to knock yourself free.If you don't have any of these weapons i am sure a friendly bot will come along and give you a hand down.I left this in on purpose to trap the clumsy.Theres a lot of things i dislike about this map and the frame rates are one of them. I am getting an average of 37fps+ but there are places in the map where this can drop to as low as 18fps, but it doesn't really effect the flow of gameplay.The map took 4hours 37mins to fully vis and light, thats on my amd450/voo300/64meg computer thingy. Have fun in the den and thanks for playing, marc NNNNNNNNNNNNNN *LEGAL STUFF THIS MAP IS RELEASED FOR ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION ONLY. THE ZIP FILE MAY ONLY BE DISTRIBUTED WITH THE FOLLOWING CONTENTS: MAP-Q3KEL3.PK3 Q3KEL3.HTM (the one your reading) YOU SHOULD NOT INCLUDE OR DISTRIBUTE Q3KEL3.ZIP OR ANY OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY SORT OF COMMERCIAL PRODUCT WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR MARC KELLY.
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