The Proving Grounds CTF
The Proving Grounds CTF by sst13
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Anonymous unregistered
#3   06 Jun 2007
Nice i like this map as CTF i like the bridge area well done m8.
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#2   01 Jun 2007
Good conversion, well executed.
The flag-rooms are very nice, they holds some good battles.
The bridge in the middle between the bases is the bottle-neck.
Controlling the bridge is controlling the game and with this in mind the gameplay
around the bridge is a bit too shallow.
Still the low-route underneath the bridge is nice but you can only make it halfway so controlling the bridge is also controlling this lower route.
With humans and balanced teams i expect this map to be good fun.

Nice work

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Rome Rep. 21
#1   01 Jun 2007
I liked this conversion into ctf of this map, wasn´t bad. Defending the flags seems a bit too easy imo, but the bots played ok and I liked the new teleports for the rail and YA.

Would liked to test it on a server with some human teams.


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