subdm1 by subst
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#6   17 Apr 2022
Hadn't played this map before, I thought it looked interesting from the screen shots and I'm glad I gave it a spin! Its a great layout that plays fast and tight. Also, since the level mostly (or completely) uses the id texture set it instantly gets a nice upgrade if your running something like the Neural Upscale textures mod. My only gripe is I found some areas to be a little overly dark. It wasn't so much that I felt like it negatively impacted gameplay, but it did feel more like an oversight rather than a design choice and I feel like some more consistent lighting could have made the over all presentation a bit more polished. That said I'll likely be keeping this one. Thanks!
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mu5h1n unregistered
#5   04 Jul 2009
My favorite 1v1 map against a nightmare bot. I must say I play it more than any other map I currently have on my hard drive.
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#4   01 Jun 2007
Fast and tight map subst.
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Rota Rep. 120
#3   05 May 2007
Nice job, especially the connectivity seems to be well considered.

Prostě to máš dobře postavené!... Stejně jako subdm8... :)

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subst Rep. 80
#2   28 Apr 2007
thank you =)
and thanks v1|3 for the reviews
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Vedic unregistered
#1   28 Apr 2007
Amazing map.
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