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Tribute (2) by thefury
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#8   17 Apr 2022
I can't pick out anything to not like. This map is awesome.
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J2KoOl63 Rep. 80
#7   14 Jun 2006
This map is well done in terms of the look. It's excellent. The bots play nicely as well, sometimes going to the rl a bit much, but it's still good. They put up a good fight anyhow. Sweet map.


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Foo Rep. 365
#6   11 Jun 2006
Easily one of the best CPM tourney levels available today. This has been a staple favorite on our LAN games for a few months now. If a new official CPM mappack were to be released, this deserves to be a headline piece.

The item placement is solid, and the space is appropriately divided to give a proper chance to the down player. The RA, MH and especially the LG area are all novel conflict spots which haven't become repetitive yet. Teleporter placement works to keep the map flowing, especially the lowest teleporter area with green armor and plasmagun - perfect retreat for the down player.

There's little to criticise in this map, and nothing that can't be fixed manually using the included .map source files.

In short, fantastic. Get this and give it the play time it deserves.

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Tartaros unregistered
#5   19 May 2006
Quite solid map! A couple of small areas need a small touch and it would be amazing! Nice work.

btw, very nice preview pic there ;)

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sumatr aka thefury unregistered
#4   18 May 2006
Thanks for the review and your comments.
Glad to have upped here my first well thought map that Ive made for Q3.
It's very old, but I still like it :) ... Reminds me of my early Unreal-Engine leveldesign experiences...
With CPMA you can vote for two further itemsets. First with Quad for heavy FFA sessions and second one without a RG, for RG-haters...
So those mapfiles are just the itemsets, you can't have a look at the structural part ;-) ...

Hope to get my next map on the final run soon, here a preview:

Glad to be your smart leveldealer nextdoor 8) .......


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Myth unregistered
#3   18 May 2006
I really enjoyed this map for a few rounds. Very nice work.


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bluemonkey Rep. 40
#2   17 May 2006
Nice map as ever from this author. I really like the way he always makes sure his maps work for players who don't like to play pro modes. Not quite as good as his other tourney maps though.
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Rome Rep. 21
#1   08 May 2006
apart from the good gameplay , theres some nice tricks and strafts to try to master here, looks like it would be a good map for 1on1, bots get really predictable.
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