Draconian Measures
Draconian Measures by ninemil
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Marty McSorley unregistered
#3   24 Nov 2005
Fun as can be with humans. Bots are postively obsessed with wading in the RA pool. :)
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www.ninemil.com Rep. 0
#2   15 Oct 2005
Thanks for the comments misan - it's recently gone up on speedcapture.com but I don't believe there's any times for it yet. Would be nice to see some given the stunning times put in for cpmctf2 in the past, and ctf3 is a lot more friendly to the creative tricker ;)
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misantropia unregistered
#1   15 Oct 2005
Hardly a new map, now is it? Seeing that it's been out for more than a year already. Anyway, it's a more than decent CTF map with myriads of trick jumps (esp. in CPMA). Get it now and put it on your servers, you won't regret it.
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