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Shielded CTF
Shielded CTF by skin[NCN]master
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FragTastic Rep. 1482
#3   27 Mar 2012
A very weird map to look at really. I dont understand the meaning of 'Shielding CTF' other than swirls and curves on the map. This map let me down )':.
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skinmaster unregistered
#2   28 Nov 2009
the idea is defensive in using the grenade wells and the tight entry
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Tetzlaff Rep. 243
#1   17 Oct 2005
Interesting map with an otherworldly athmosphere and quite detailed arhcitecture. Lighthning is a bit harsh in places and too colour saturated in others.

Not sure about the gameplay. The teleporter so close to the flag is a bad idea, because it makes escaping very easy for the flag carrier. Also that slippery hazard part with the meat grinder is an annoyance.

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