Shielded CTF
Basic Information
NOTE - Mappers, the .map file is included in the pk3
Inspired in part by PN03 for Nintendo GameCube

Final Version
Title : PN03 - Shielded CTF
Author : Greg [skinmaster] Crockatt
Release date : October 03 2004
Filename : pn03.pk3
Email Address : (mylastname) (subj:q3mapping)
Note - if placing this txt file online, leave
mylastname to avoid spidering of my email please.

Webpage :
other :
Play Information
Game : Quake III Arena CTF (©id software)
Map Name : pn03.bsp
Bot play : No - Sorry, too many map sides for the bspc.
Deathmatch : No IPD Spawns. But it will work.
Standard CTF : Yes (5-8 per team)
One Flag CTF : No
Overload : No
Harvester : No

How To Play : Place Map Name in your /baseq3/ folder
start quake3arena
hit ~
enter /g_gametype 4
enter /map "pn03"
hit ~ (to hide the console)

Mapping Info & Construction
Program : Gtk Radiant 1.4.0 Q3Map2
Other : notepad/Photoshop 7.0

Graphics : yes - ChronosV(Valhalla Entertainment) as well
as a concrete by ydnar, dsitinfx..
New textures by yours truly:
blue force sheild, red
blue/red laser, blue/red laser2
blue laser explode
flag base, spawn
laserfx, fx2, fx3, fx4
luminglass, sawblade
Skybox : yes - Shaderlab 1337
Music: : SonicClangs sc_pn03_22k.wav
Sound FX: : SonicClangs Teleporter, spinner and pulse

Build Time : about a month - intermittent
Compile Time : 1hr~p/c
Compile machine : SGI320 - PII400Mhz 384MB RAM, Cobalt OpenGL Motherboard
Known Bugs : None yet

Special Thanks + Other Notes
Thanks to Schwim, Anonymo, Lenard, SonicClang, Alpharator
Voodoochopsticks, mome_rath, ydnar, obsidian, rgoer,
kaziganthe, reptile, DisturbedONE, [x]ian, Da*Man, TicToc,
AEon, bork[e], Luk1n, seremtan, planB, roughrider,
heTruthfulLiar, $NulL, werldhed, Berneyboy, Riddler, Moth,
Jazzo, pjw, Fjoggs, vula, yann, mom, [NCN]matrix,
and everyone else.

Brian Kline (Sonic Clang) 608-220-6978 e-mail: sonicclang AT

All of my songs/sounds can be used freely by anyone who wishes to use them. I only ask that this file be included with every copy. Also, if you do use any of my songs/sounds please e-mail me so I can include your level not only on my website, but also in my resume. I apply at large companies, and if your level is on my demo disk you might get a job too! :D So do us both a favor and let me know if you use my stuff. Thanks, -Sonic Clang
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

© 2004 Greg [skinmaster] Crockatt, All rights reserved.
Pass it around, play on it, but don't sell it please.

This level is not made by or supported by id Software.
It requires a registered version of QUAKE III ARENA.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc. Quake III: Team Arena is a
registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

Distribute this level as you wish.