Eccentric Entities
Eccentric Entities by {DEMO}LITION
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#7   23 Mar 2012
Excellent map. I'm really impressed with this map. I might hold this map on my server since it's so good. 9/10
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Anonymous unregistered
#6   04 Nov 2005
what teh sex.
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idolator unregistered
#5   20 Oct 2005
Same here, I have to upgrade bigtime first : ) I stopped mapping, give or take one year ago. Only made a map for the Afterwards MOD as an update together with MatrixsurferX ( ) ( )

Got a ctf test map I want to use for Q4 or Q4Fortress. ( ) They are looking for mappers, so if you are interested..

Good to see you back in the game!

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d3mol!t!on Rep. 70
#4   19 Oct 2005
I haven't actually got the game yet (hopefully it will be delivered to me this Friday), but I can say I'm making big plans to move my mapping onto Quake 4. I haven't released a map for over a year (since this one, which was the beginning of July according to my trusty text file), but I've still been working on and off on un-completed projects that continuously give me practise. However much like Quake 3 Arena's multi-player Quake 4's is, it is a whole new opportunity, and because of the fairly small number of multi-player maps shipped with the game, players may rely on new maps to continue enjoying the game. I hope mappers in general can improve everyone's experience of the game (not forgetting major modifications too), because that's always been a big part in the Quake games.

I'd very much like to see other current Quake 3 Arena mapping faces taking it onto Quake 4 too :-)

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Idolator unregistered
#3   19 Oct 2005
Hey DEMO, congrats man!

Moving on to quake4?

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Tetzlaff Rep. 275
#2   17 Oct 2005
Nice verticality!
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d3mol!t!on Rep. 70
#1   15 Oct 2005
Thanks big time for the review. This was the last map I actually released, but it has been around for perhaps a year. I can't really say I've moved on with my mapping because I haven't released anything, but this map has given me a lot more to think about for future maps. I hope everyone enjoys playing it :)
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