Eccentric Entities
= Eccentric Entities by {DEMO}LITION =

Map name: Eccentric Entities

Map file name: dmlctf01

Game: Quake III Arena

Map status: Final

Release date: 03/07/2004

Author: {DEMO}LITION (a.k.a. demo)

Bot support: Yes

DM: No
Tourney: No
CTF: Yes



This is the final of my first attempt at a CTF map for Quake III Arena.
The map requires Quake III Arena point release 1.32 (available free from the Internet) to run.
The map refuses to run on lower versions of Quake III Arena (kicking you to your desktop when the map should load).

To run the map, extract dmlctf01.pk3 into your quake3/baseq3 folder (where you installed Quake III Arena).
Load up Quake 3 and look for the map in the CTF section of the Skirmish menu.
Alternatively, you can type /map dmlctf01 in the console to run the map.


Special thanks to:

- id Software for making Quake 3 Arena so that this map was even possible.
- The authors of GTKRadiant version 1.4.0.
- The authors of a few other tools I used to create/maintain the map.
- Speedy for most of the textures. Check out his site at
- BerneyBoy for several texture modifications.
- BerneyBoy, Fjoggs, idolator, blahDL, Shakz, W01f, reptile and dONKEY for beta testing and comments.


Texture and shader credits:

- Speedy's Andromeda texture set (BerneyBoy and I have made some additions and modifications).
- id Software's textures (which are run in the map from your copy of pak0.pk3).
- My own textures and shaders.


Copyright and permissions:

Paul "{DEMO}LITION" Barlow 2004.

- This map and all of its contents are copyrighted.
- You may distribute this map as you wish, however there must be no charge to the recipient.
- You may use my textures as long as you give credit in a text document that is distributed with the file you use them in.
- You must contact me if you wish to do anything else with the map that I have not specified here.



- Email: **email removed**
- Website: