The Bunker CTF Edition
"The Bunker CTF Edition" - V 1.00
AUTHOR: Mr.Lake DATE: 05/16/04
E-MAIL: **email removed**
Note to everyone:

I really dont know what I was on
when I decided to convert Bunker
to a CTF level, but hopefully in
the end it will sit well with the
six people who like my other maps.
I havent had nearly as much time
to build a complete map since I
started work at GMI, so in all
appologies I give everyone...
"The Bunker - CTF Edition".


Bunker map + CTF = Fun??? Maybe.

How to install:

Copy the "map-bunker_ctf1.pk3" to
the "baseq3" folder inside your
Quake III Arena folder. You
should be able to access the map
through the various Quake 3 menus
in the "Capture The Flag" game

Map file statistics:

Filename: bunker_ctf1.bsp
Map title: The Bunker - CTF
Gametypes: CTF
Reccommended: 4 vs 4 up to 8 vs 8

Construction: 2 months, 12 days
Compile Time: 31 minutes
Workstation: 2000 Athlon XP
Editor: GTKRadiant v1.4.0
Compiler: Q3Map2 (by ydnar)
Inspiration: Quake 2 crates and
barrels, Deftones
and laziness.

The Bunker CTF - (C) Mr. Lake '04

Q3 is trademarked id, blah blah.