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The Big Pool
The Big Pool by KRIS
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1950
#2   09 Aug 2012
Personally I thought that there should have been more shotguns, no railgun or rocket launcher, and instead of those walls, rather a seemingly endless ocean.

I liked that regeneration pad due to it's rarity as a feature. What is it with that TekTex file going along with the map?

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Legrand [LN] Rep. 120
#1   01 Oct 2005
An interesting deviation from the norm, but a little open for the rail. Also, the inclusion of an easy to get to BFG directly above a health regeneration pad and very near to a ra, allows for some severe camping and domination. I guess it's a good thing the rail is where it is, and there are upper levels you can retreat to if need be. Not a bad map by any stretch, just not an "awesome" one either. The regulars at Clan Lock-Net seem to like it just fine as it's never voted away when it pops into the rotation.
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