Gods Gun
Gods Gun by RivrStyx
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#10   04 Jan 2021
The sparse textures are overly used. I am not into eye candy either but there has gone very little thought in texturing. Launchpads texture is reversed, jumppad in rsrail is not fitted. It seems rushed. There is some gameplay but with a little more time, things could done better. There are 2 deadends that hinder gameplay, different sections are connected by one route. Teleporters could be a quick fix and the map would have improved a lot. Now some good ideas are lost... It would also improve bot play. The seem to be stuck in routine and end up quickly being target practice.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#9   29 Jan 2012
Very plain :/. It needs more to it.
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Dagwit unregistered
#8   20 Mar 2000
It's worth remembering that although this map has just appeared on LvL it actually dates back to the beginning of the year. I downloaded it then and it seemed pretty impressive then . . . things have moved on.

But it's really worth downloading for the two practice maps. They're not flashy but well thought out to give varied practice with rail and RL - long(ish) range, close quarters, air shots. I use them pretty much every day.

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Savatage unregistered
#7   20 Mar 2000
Also a note. Q2's The edge or the warehouse...2 of the best q2 maps ever. Neither were much to look at.. but gameplay was great. I know all about q2 engine not handling what q3's can, but I think this site relies to much on so called "eye candy" and blow off maps that they feel aren't overly great to the sight even if they play great. No one spends alot of time staring at the eye candy when playing... gameflow, layout and Framerates are more important.
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Savatage unregistered
#6   20 Mar 2000
Damn.. i liked this map alot. Gameplay was nice and fast, layout was damn good for a small map. The architecture was a little simple but not as bad as it is made out to be. Theres plenty of great looking maps that play like crap...and this one, I thought, looked pretty good, but must admit..loved the layout the most. Ran great on my PC too. I like the 2 jump pads placement in main area. Thought they were in good places and were real fun to use...which lead to some great action. Loved picking off bots and friends with the rail coming through the windows or down below when using them or when we hit the jumps at either end at samr time. The fog areas were placed nicely. Rail, RL were in real good places as with all items. Holdable teleporter was placed nicely under stairs. Haste placement let to some fog falls..:) Nice curved walk under windows that allowed for scoping the lower area as players came out from under the stair areas or on the stairs on 3 platforms in screenshot. Was also fun hiding under the stairs or side areas and fighting someone uptop. Mega was placed in good area.... Plenty of ways to get to each area...nice overlooks and nice size. The rail and rocket practice maps are damn fun also. Great job and keep it up. Fun ass map dude. Did this this map really get played before reviewing it. Had no problem starting as I read the read me before starting.
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pur3|punk unregistered
#5   19 Mar 2000
I liked it, nice and simple. Besides, I really don't think I'm gonna be looking at all that worthless "eye candy" while "Joe Rocket Launcher" is taking pot shots at my ass.

I thought the flow was good, weapon placement was good, made you work to get it. I didn't just hand everything to you so that all you saw was a red haze from guts flying everywhere. There were plenty of dark areas where sniping was good, and plenty of open areas for rail whores.

All in all I enjoyed it and I'd say its worth downloading.

Great job for a first try dude! Keep it up and don't let their negativity stop you from doing another. Practice takes time and time grants excellence.

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RivrStyx unregistered
#4   19 Mar 2000
Well... i went more for FPS than eyecandy on this map... since i have a slow machine and thought others might have problems with some of the other maps Framerates. This was my first Q3 map... which i didn't want to mess with curves yet til i got q3radiant down.. and i never used qeradiant. I don't feel so bad since pcgamer in France and another UK mag contacted me to put this and the remake of q2warehouse for q3 (and its reversed warehouse version) on thier CDs. I know Gods Gun is simple.. i released it when Q3 first came out but on the Matchmod servers its runs.. i've at least been told gameflow was good :)... but maybe not. I named the file rsdm1 and turned out someone released a rsdm1 also..so re-released it with filename zrsdm1. The reason it doesn't show up in menu is because when i changed filename... didn't change it in the arena.txt..oh well...forgot. Anyway... thanks for the review.

maps @ pur3q3.q3center.com

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Jim unregistered
#3   19 Mar 2000
The zip file, pk3 file, and map name all have different names- AND the map doesn't show up in the menu- ARGH!!

Then when I finally got it to load, I find that it wasn't worth the effort. The rocket and rail arena maps it came with, although not much to see- were better IMO than the featured map.

The architecture was too simple, there was no real flow, and it just didn't look good.

Not worth the download.

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Common sense unregistered
#2   19 Mar 2000
"Its not eye-candified so it gets a low mark?"

Yes. Because there are enough maps that play good and look great, so there is no excuse whatsoever for releasing nor playing a crap looking map.

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not entered unregistered
#1   19 Mar 2000
I found this map actually good. It played good for about 3-4 players. Its not eye-candified so it gets a low mark?

The layout is good and gameflow works great i think.

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