Aerowalk [Hubster's Remix II]
Aerowalk [Hubster's Remix II] by the Hubster
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#10   27 Jan 2012
Great remix!. But its not better than the original.
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lol unregistered
#9   30 Mar 2010
This map same as hub3aeroq3. this map is renamed to cpm22 by CPMA team.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#8   06 Sep 2008
Ok - here goes: The map is stocked with 2 rl and 2 ga giving opponents an even footing - and within easy reach of the rg & mh/ya combo which is what you'll both be aiming to control/head for. the player who makes the rg then drops to mh/ya will have the obvious advantage - this is where the gl comes into play. it is set in a corridor to teleporter which is ok because you won't be using it for spamming. A swap between the lg/rg was what i would have liked to have seen in kit carson's victimised but thought having the rg and rl so close in this level would be cheeky but it seems to work here ok - oh well "what might have been"... anyway the teleporters will be your best friend here as they enable you to land right on the rl's, rg, and mh if used right. And just as well because the stairs lack an obviously needed trim to open up the lower sg area of the main atrium and give you a bit of height and angling speed in the corridor duels. this would also have helped with the ra which is the most contentious issue of all. it can be strafed but because the platform it sits on is higher than the top part of the stairs there are awkward drops before you reach it. you can reach it by angling back from a jump on the stairs or clipping the area by the lg and angling it back (this is alot trickier on stairs wiothout trim) - which can turn the tables when you are being chased heading up the stairs - plus you will likely be receiving some splash damage from your opponent to assist in the jump but it leaves you painted into a corner. There's nothing like a rail in the back to see you over the line. There is also the good old fashioned rj which doesnt have that much expenditure to it if you are already carrying the ya/mh combo so i guess it's placement is somewhat of a moot point as you cant have all the powerful items handed to a player on a silver platter. the mh in tribute to don king is similarly placed in an awkward spot but is alot easier to reach. having said all this i can't really compare it to all the other versions other than to say that this is the only version that has appealed to me.
Edited: 06 Sep 2008 AEST
Edited: 10 Sep 2008 AEST
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Marty McSorley unregistered
#7   24 Nov 2005
Probably the best 'in-yer-face' duel map ever created for CPM. Addictive as a mofo.
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scalliano unregistered
#6   21 Aug 2004
Play this in Generations Arena, kiddies!
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The Hubster unregistered
#5   19 Aug 2004
I dont mean to be pedantic, but was this review written for a playtest in VQ3? Because this version was done for Promode only.
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gst unregistered
#4   18 Aug 2004
I love the texturing and architecture of this map. But i prefer the gameplay of the first version. This one is to 'small', and the ra jump become to hard to do in my opinion.

Overall a nice work on visual and good remake of this classic.

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<:ShadowZombie:> unregistered
#3   16 Aug 2004
This map here is fun as hell to play. Quake 2 style in texturing was very nice ;) The layout is perfect for that great fast pace tourney style gameplay. The item placment was decent, and weapon's were located nicely (IMO) Over all this is a map to be SWAGGED on!!! Great Job.
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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#2   15 Aug 2004
Aerowalk is a map not to be passed up. Bots are tough and are in your face but I though the use of items and item placement could have been better. There was one place where a lot of items were crammed together. Gameplay is excellent. Lighting was done well too. Great map! 9/10


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wviperw unregistered
#1   14 Aug 2004
Play this in CPMA, kiddies!
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