BDOG3DM1 by Black Dog
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GuyNamedErick Rep. 137
#5   05 Oct 2018
This map holds up really well. It's fast-paced, item placement is good, and makes for some really fun small games. All that and it still looks nice. :)
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#4   27 Feb 2018
The quality of the graphics are amazing for its time.
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AEon Rep. 730
#3   20 Aug 2009
After checking over a 100 maps from 2009 back to good old 2004, this map really stands out. Here is a case where things are "simply" done right. Nice clean texture choice and level design, nothing thrilly, but that is good, because it does not get in the way of the awesome gameplay. The map just feels right, alas something that is very rare. Fun to play against bots.
Edited: 23 Aug 2009 AEST
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Mark unregistered
#2   14 Jul 2008
I'm surprised this map hasn't received any positive feedback. It might have something to do with the date of its release??? Very subtle and classy in its design. Plays fine in CPMA but there arent any rjumps that cant be done in VQ3. Circle jumps and jumps off grenades and rockets are the order of the day. Best played while listening to "Temple of Transparent Balls" by the Black Dog.
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Black Dog unregistered
#1   27 Mar 2004
I'll see if I can fix the missing texture issue.
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