BDOG3DM1 by Black Dog

BDog3DM1 is a tight FFA map by first-time author, Black Dog. Using some ikBase textures by ik, Black Dog has created a map with good architecture resembling a large open-air coastal condo at night. Good gameplay and traffic flow is maintained with the middle and upper levels using ledges accessible to the lower floor room space by stairs, and an elevator and a teleporter. The jump pad to third level, one way to get to the Lightning Gun, is so well blended into the coordinated ikBase textures that I ran into it by accident the first time through.

While it may be his very first map, I'm hoping it won't be his last. It is a clean-looking multi-leveled map with the right amount of ammo/health and the right kind of weapons to make it an intimate playground of death.

Reviewed by J f Z

Second opinion

A very attractive FFA and Tourney level, displaying some wonderful geometry and making good use of ikbase textures. The level aims for a strong Q2 retro feel and pulls it off well.

Gameplay is fast and fun. In places things can get a little tight, although most areas are well enough clipped that play runs smoothly in spite of this. Vis is controlled well. On my mid-range machine FPS stayed well in the 100's in nearly all areas. There are a couple of disappointing things about this map: The clip brush is too high in places, meaning you can see right out of the level and into the void. There is a missing light strip texture (which might be a shader problem) in the YA room.

All in all an enjoyable and attractive level.

Reviewed by dONKEY

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: BDOG3DM1 by Black Dog