Kill You
by dAde
Kill You by dAde
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Tig Rep. 1652
#14   08 Jun 2022
@Whatscheiser : You are correct. Installing this map will change the visuals on other maps for that light model. Feel welcome to submit a patch.
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#13   06 Jun 2022
This map is incredible, super well executed... one problem I have noticed (and it could just be due to the amount of mods I've got in baseq3) it seems like the gratelamp textures included with this map breaks the texture transparency for that model. I had to create a patch for this level in my baseq3 folder that supplants it with the greatelamp textures included with the High Quality Quake mod.
Actually I just noticed, you can see what I am referring to in the level shot here.
Edited 3.95 minutes after the original posting.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#12   17 Jul 2019
because of the design and construction this plays just as well in vq3 as cpma. there is only one important cpm route that vq3 misses out on: the stair jump to the ya in the lg room (but you could still use plasma to get to it). the greys work extremely well for player sighting however stumbling upon those bounce pads can be annoying. The one straight up to the gl level from the bottom of the map is soooo high; aesthetically it's a little odd and sometimes useful but maybe not so necessary. On the plus side: lots of opportunities for lightning to rail kills. Maybe the stairs could have been trimmed for alternative routing to avoid the bounce pads. But I don't think any of this really hurts the game play. dAde often uses rather strange combinations of weapons on his maps; it is good to see everything is used here. Really love the weapon spread.
Edited 11.13 minutes after the original posting.
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When I saw the thumbnail I thought the author made the picture gray scale.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#10   07 Feb 2012
Grey, Dull, Black, Scary.. Everything about the map is.... Excellent :). The map name shows everything in the exact map. It's a thrilling map :). 10/10
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not entered unregistered
#9   29 Nov 2003
Excellent map!
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Opja unregistered
#8   28 Nov 2003
and to anyone who doesnt like the color... turn the color on ur pc down until everything is in grayscale. youll feel like ur in an old B&W vampire movie.

with a rocket launcher!

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Opja unregistered
#7   28 Nov 2003
you wanna lay off the anti-depressants, v1|3.

oh, and good map, dade. round of applause.

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stuka69 unregistered
#6   27 Nov 2003
runs very smooth on my pc, and it's a different approach with the lack of color but it might have been better with more ambient sounds and if the bots didn't congregate mostly in that bottom room above the plasma gun. overall I enjoyed the map. :D
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v1l3 unregistered
#5   26 Nov 2003
HaHa.....Scratch that.....

I posted in the wrong dade map=O shoots self..... BoOm Dead!

I meant all those comments for q3dade11.....nm...wait I forgot! I'm Dead...OoOoF

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v1l3 unregistered
#4   26 Nov 2003
I really want to give a good review, but the r_speeds are so drastically high on my pc that I couldn't really get into it. From looking at it though....looks kickass=>
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crypt1c unregistered
#3   25 Nov 2003
who the hell cares what it looks like, gameplay is greater than

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Bull unregistered
#2   24 Nov 2003
Undetailed and rather crude

Dont care who it plays, it looks dog

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Tig unregistered
#1   21 Nov 2003
I really enjoyed this map. Great layout, item placement and something a little different with the visuals. I do think the lighting could have been better and bot-play could have have been improved but thats about all. Excellent map for a LAN.
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