Imagine That
by dAde
Imagine That by dAde
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#2   05 Sep 2019
cheers Tig ;)
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Opja unregistered
#1   28 Nov 2003
somehow, i thought it had the feel of an ID map...

for a good map, i look for good gameplay, well placed items and all that shit, but mostly i look for ideas. origionality.

oh and nice textures.....

this map dissapoints in that area, im afraid. which means i have to use the most annoying and patronising phrase of all....

"decent map dade, but not great. i can see you have good potential."

good potential. dont ya just hate being told that you have "good potential"? its just a nice way of saying this map was shit but not as shit as most.

no offence meant, dade. keep mapping.

and use some different textures. ID used ID textures enough.

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