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raspatan Rep. 4510
#20   28 Oct 2021
Fun map but too big and flat imo, with quite sparse items. Perhaps best for CA.
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CZghost Rep. 1621
#19   25 Jan 2012
The textures are from Evil Lair, concretely textureset 8...
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<secs.> Rep. 101
#18   24 Jan 2012
I released one more map for a (now defunct) gaming community The PHHortress. It was born out of PlanetQuake friends. I never submitted it here for review, but it's pretty fun, especially with an instagib mod on.


If that doesn't work just google thephhortress.pk3

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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#17   11 Jan 2012
Excellent Graphics Here! This is like UT2004 Texture standards and it is incredible. Gameplay is Balistic and so hardcore with using nightmare bots. One of the best maps i have ever played :). 10/10
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AEon Rep. 760
#16   20 Aug 2009
Nicely detailed map with Sci-Fi vibe, excellent texturing and design. Playing vQ3 bots is fun, though I am not completely sure the layout is quite there (my biased option), there are several paths I always wind up talking, that make me wonder why they were provided.

Non-the-less the map should definably be tested.

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Jose Soba unregistered
#15   19 Jan 2009
I like it! It reminds of the inside of a Borg starship from Star Trek.
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Firestarter unregistered
#14   29 Nov 2003
I really like it, it may get a bit quiet with just a few players but that's when this map gets really exciting, with rails coming out of nowhere :eek: :)
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Tymo unregistered
#13   26 Nov 2003
a very nice map, but in some places the texturealignment isn't correct, an the brushwork is inaccurate :(
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X43R0 P!NG unregistered
#12   26 Nov 2003
Beautiful map! It's my favorite out of most maps that I have. Great gameplay and awesome detail. Good work secs!
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Quebus unregistered
#11   22 Nov 2003
Good maps are all about the little details and this is a great map
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LiViD unregistered
#10   22 Nov 2003
Great job secs! The wide-openness only makes the map a candidate for rail-whoring (is that a bad thing?):P

Can't wait for the PHHortress map....

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VeXeD unregistered
#9   22 Nov 2003
Been playing this map for a while know... love it.
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V-Thrax unregistered
#8   21 Nov 2003
I love this map...loved it since the beta. Great Game play.

Great Job!!!!

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nitin unregistered
#7   21 Nov 2003
Gameplay is not bad but there's too much empty wasted space due to the huge scale of some of the rooms. Reminds me of Overkill by wiebo in that regard, but that map had lots of vertical action to make up for th openness which this map lacks. Sure there's some nice DFA areas but there needs to be more for something this large.

Visuals are ok, texturing has been done very well to make it look detailed when the brushwork is actually pretty simple and bland. Lighting's pretty average, could be contrasted a lot more.

Not bad, especially for a first map. 6.5/10

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<secs.> unregistered
#6   21 Nov 2003
Thanks for playing it all, and thanks for the review Bizkit!
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SulSeeker unregistered
#5   21 Nov 2003
Very good FFA level, fun as hell, and with decent eye candy. True, you have to know how to use the platform to make the most of the gameply... otherwise you get owned!

Download it already!!!

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StormShadow unregistered
#4   21 Nov 2003
fun as hell to play.. this one has been a fav of mine for quite a while. I love the big open style


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Rackat unregistered
#3   21 Nov 2003
The 'platform thingy' is very useful, if you know how. It creates a path from one upper level area to the GL platform.

This is one of my favorite maps. I love the game flow and the feel of the map. I would highly reccommend this map to all.

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waY2Kool unregistered
#2   21 Nov 2003
this is a great map. nice to look at and lots of action. it's in rotation at <a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a> on the PHHear PHHactory server.

download and get in there!

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not entered unregistered
#1   21 Nov 2003
I liked the platform thing ? :-)
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