Never Enough
Never Enough by The cess Map Team
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raspatan Rep. 4451
#14   02 Sep 2020
A M A Z I N G.
This tourney map is so cleverly designed. It's evident it was made by pro players. There is so many smart things about it that adds to the superb gameplay. Play it with spiterbot mod (smart bots) and you will have a great time. The name of the map is very appropriate to it. Another map to my permanent collection!
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Alice Rep. 605
#13   21 Dec 2016
This map plays really good. Its so clean, so perfect in all issues.
And now crucify me: I am bored after few a few rounds. I miss something and cant really explain it. Is it a little bit more stupid fun?
Maybe NE is to clean and polished for my simple mind...
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membrane Rep. 90
#12   18 Feb 2011
"The culmination of Good Stuff that a map should be made out of."
Reeally seems to be a perfect realization of design principles collected in wviperw's competitive design guide.
Probably the best community map I know. Imho better than bloodrun (blasphemy!).. Megahealth is a never ending source of fun. Loud doors by the RL compressed all the sound ambush goodness of t4 into one neat spot. Great work..
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AEon Rep. 760
#11   25 Aug 2009
Fun 1on1 map with very clean look that plays well. A definite download.
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ddkded unregistered
#10   29 Nov 2003
they should add this map to the next cpm and osp packs
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ibt.megaman unregistered
#9   29 Sep 2003
i have no clue. really. i would love to play on new maps. there are very few good ones tho - what we got with the osp pack was :///
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*papri-K* unregistered
#8   29 Sep 2003
great. Why won't the pro-community ever take custom maps, saving ztn?
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Scampie unregistered
#7   26 Sep 2003
This one is definately a keeper! Great looks, great theme, great play, just plain great all around.

Probabally the only things I didn't like was the lighting, which seemed dull and relied on minlights too much (a killer when the textures used suggest an already minimal look), and that the blocky design of the yellow armor area just seemed plain out bland and out of context of the rest of the map.

Small concerns to an otherwise awesome, well made map.

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ddkded unregistered
#6   26 Sep 2003
great map man
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nitin unregistered
#5   25 Sep 2003
bah, ztn's map is fine for vanilla q3 play and so is this. This probably is a little bit better for cpm but that's cos the mod wasnt out when ztn made his map.
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Myth unregistered
#4   25 Sep 2003
A superb map indeed, plays like a dream.

Well done guys.

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wviperw unregistered
#3   25 Sep 2003
"It has sort of a ztnish feel to me in terms of layout and item placement."

Shhh! Don't say that!

/me makes sure verb isn't looking...

(I agree though, the map's layout/tele system is very reminiscent of ztn, but not in a bad way :P)

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StormShadow unregistered
#2   25 Sep 2003
hmm i never thought of playing this one in cpm..

It has sort of a ztnish feel to me in terms of layout and item placement.

Great map, gameplay is excellent, flow is fantastic. I think some online 2v2 tourney is using this as an official map now (pgp maybe?).

Anyway, great job.

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wviperw unregistered
#1   25 Sep 2003
SUCH a sweet map. The culmination of Good Stuff that a map should be made out of. Layout is completely solid. Item placement can't get much better (besides the lack of RA... :P). Attention to detail is definately in there-hence the sound cues and great scale. It even looks sweet. :)

If I could get a few online 1v1's on the level, I'd definately do a review from a CPM/tourney perspective. Anybody know of any CPM servers playing this?

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