Temple of the Rail God
Temple of the Rail God by NightStalker
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Takkie Rep. 1788
#15   30 Jan 2021
Describing a maps look as
Cyndi Lauper's 80's wardrobe...

is one of the best thing I read here and it is also true. And now I feel old and sad because I understand a Cyndi Lauper reference.
I remember playing this map twenty years ago... Well vaguely... and the point is that i don't want to try it again. And says enough I guess.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#14   28 Oct 2012
I quite liked this map it was fun & chaotic just the way I like my maps to be. Also a find Camping on the top ledge was absolutely impossible because bots would obviously see you in the open space unless you enable cheats. Quite liked the map! 6.5/10
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SW12 unregistered
#13   26 Dec 2011
This is one of those levels that would be a potential boss battle level.

Oh wait, missing textures. Never mind this level then.

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Hugh G. Rection Rep. 0
#12   19 Feb 2008
Best instagib hook and rail map ever!!!
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Pogo unregistered
#11   12 Jun 2001
Whoa, this map has a machine gun spawn, I have never seen the machine gun other than in my hand. It's missing the spinning part though.
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cht unregistered
#10   20 Apr 2000
Like the Future Brownie map, this is full of quality ways of attacking the enemy. Fast 'n' Furious in the fog with a healthy slice of jump pad japes and a cut of fast corridor krakaz action.

Fantastic stuff.

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Serpico unregistered
#9   14 Feb 2000
This map is sweet! I run it in my instagib+ with hook server. Nice....nice....it plays well with bots too.
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Lara*QUEEN* unregistered
#8   08 Feb 2000

hope you understand my bad english...

nice map like RA2...

but the laggiest i ever had...

The framerate slow down if i look at the middle of arena...

This error appears in no other map.Whats this?

But...a really nice map with

cindi laupers 80´s warderobe;-)

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AssBall unregistered
#7   27 Jan 2000
The lighting is pretty queer, and the textures are weak. also, unless there is like 30 people in the map, why the hell have a grenade launcher/lightning/shotgun...it is just too huge. I also had trouble with the jump pads occasionally missing the quad.
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tapped unregistered
#6   05 Jan 2000
eh... no offense, as i'm not a mapper, so i probably shouldn't even talk, but this map gives new meaning to the phrase, "judicous use of textures." =|

I mean, neat graphics are one thing, but c'mon... the map looks like Cyndi Lauper's 80's wardrobe... =

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Honeymustard unregistered
#5   04 Jan 2000
Great map

nice and open good for rail Momma like me...thanks nightstalker

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Prissy unregistered
#4   03 Jan 2000
Wow! This is a great map! You guys haven't had anything really worth a download until this map came along! Thanks for stepping up the quality! :)
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NightStalker unregistered
#3   03 Jan 2000
Thank you for taking the time to clarify the texture problem. I spent quite a while trying to figure out what you were talking about without success. I am in the proccess of fixing the problem.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   03 Jan 2000
when you build a map, make sure the only pk3 in your baseq3 folder is the pak0.pk3 - nothing else comes with the game - and yes i have a full version of Q3A, otherwise how would I be able to even play the map?

The textures in question are gothic_block/blocks18c_3_evilwindow and gothic_trim/baseboard09_j both are not in the pak0.pk3, however they are in the twpak0.pk3 (thats the qwctf pk3)

Maybe you should check things 1st as my copy of Q3A didn't come with this .pk3

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NightStalker unregistered
#1   03 Jan 2000
Just one comment really. I don't mind that you didn't like the map, it's just...missing textures? All the textures used in the map are from the pak0.pk3 file included with Q3 Areana. If the reviewer found missing textures on the map than I suggest they spend the money on the retail version of the game.
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