The Dead Simple
The Dead Simple by Cyber
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#8   01 Jul 2020
there have been many remakes of this format over the years, but many of those at least experimented with the format in some way (bouncepads to roof, retexturing). This doesn't get any brownie points for originality for me, it all goes to the gameplay, and the author doesn't really get any credit for that. I suppose it rates highly because of generations arena or something, and the nostalgia people can get around old maps.
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gooball Rep. 1091
#7   05 Sep 2011
A good box map.
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Master_Zell unregistered
#6   21 May 2002
Dead Simple from Doom2?

yeah i'll start downloading after i've given it 10!

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Chris K. unregistered
#5   21 Aug 2000
I give it a ten. I haven't played it yet, though.
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Mister Bill unregistered
#4   29 Mar 2000
I meant a score of 8, but I forgot to change that after changing what I subtracted for it not being an original idea from 2 to 1 and didn't change my 7 to an 8
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Mister Bill unregistered
#3   29 Mar 2000
This is a great conversion of Dead Simple. I liked the level in Doom 2, and I liked a conversion of it for Quake 2 as well. Dead Simple is one of those levels that is hard to f* up in a conversion no matter what you do to it. I give it a 7 based on it being a little too simple (-1) and the fact that it isn't an original idea (-1)
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AndysAlien unregistered
#2   06 Jan 2000
normally i hate boxes but this one kicks ass ... this was one of my favorite doom2 levels and its great to see it back again. i havent played it yet so i dont know if its interactive just like the doom2 level but it looks great for going head 2 head with xaero :-)
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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#1   03 Jan 2000
Apperance: not too bad for a box. good colors, textures, and layout.

Playability: Pure. Fast. Fun.

Bots: They will frag you here.

Overall a great blast from the past. I don't usually dig on box maps but this is an exception!

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