The Dead Simple
Title: The Dead Simple
Version: 1.0
Map Filename: q3dead1.bsp
Pack Filename: q3dead1.pk3
Author: Cyber
Email Address: **email removed**

Description: A Quake III Arena Deathmatch map. Primarly for 1 on 1 or small FFAs.
* Play Information *

Single Player: Yes. BSP has been configured for Bot play.
Deathmatch: Yes. 1 on 1 or 4-way FFA is best.
New Sounds: No
New Textures: Yes, a grass texture and a new sky texture.
New Shaders: Yes, one new shader for the sky.
Demos Replaced: None

* Construction *

Base: Loosely based on Doom 2's Dead Simple Map
Editor(s) used: Q3 Radiant
Known Bugs: None

* Use *

Unzip q3dead1.pk3 into your /quake3/baseq3/ directory. Start Quake 3 Arena and bring down the console with "~" and type "\map q3dead1".

The .map file used to build the map has also been included with the zip.

-end file

* Copyright / Permissions *
QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Feel free to use this map in any fashion you want. Provided you do the following:

1) Don't do anything that relates to making money off the map itself.

2) If you want to use it as a base for another map or include it as part of a mod send me a email to let me know.