gregyptctf1 by skin[NCN]master
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skin (Greg) unregistered
#4   28 Aug 2003
Actually, you should check out the gold version of this map, it does have still two (minor) bugs but the layout and play of the map has improved considerably. (Sorry I've removed the obscuring flag flag)

I forgot to include my email? oops.. its crockatt ate hotmail dote com

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Redeye Knight unregistered
#3   27 Aug 2003
Somewhat harsh. It's a good concept, the big flag actually obscuring the team flag, and the jump pads in the flag rooms aren't overly obvious, but bots get caught on the water features. Might be ok for LAN action, 2-3 per side.
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Havoc unregistered
#2   18 Aug 2003
there is no email address for the author in the readme. That alone is enough to disqualify it from receiving a LvL review, and i said to Tigger when i emailed him my review that i wasn't sure if i'd been too hard on the map. I guess nobody else reviewed it. I'd suggest that greg try a more open layout, and inspect iD CTF maps for their basic ideas.
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skin unregistered
#1   16 Aug 2003
Wow, pretty harsh. But thanmks for finally getting the thing reviewed.
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