gregyptctf1-ALPHA - gregyptctf1 03.23.2003

NOTE--This is the final BETA version, the ALPHA
This will remain un-updated until it's had ample time to be critiqued.

Installation - Move gregyptctf1.pk3 to baseq3 folder, and get ready to meet the pharoah.
Description - An egypt style map, four main rooms with lotsa interesting POVs.

Supported Gameplay Modes
Single Player - no
Deathmatch - Yes
Team Deatchmatch - Yes
Capture the Flag - Yes
Tournament - Yes

Bot Support - Yes

Custom Textures - egyptsoc

To everyone whos open minded and don't force conformity rules on me.
to soc for egyptsoc
To NCN, including my number one clan member Matrix[NCN]
To quake3worldforums peoples for all the help and advice given.

All original copyrights still belong to their original owners.
All are welcome to distribute this .pk3 in it's entirety, with this readme and all other files transferred in their original state.
Please do not redistribute any files from inside of this .pk3 without permission.