Capture In Distress
Capture In Distress by SoKaR
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#5   07 Jan 2012
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Domitri Joric unregistered
#4   26 Jan 2005
i remembered this map when i bought another computer and downloaded it again. well worth the download.
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Octovus unregistered
#3   08 Aug 2003
Well, this was ok. It looks quite nice in a way, and yet it's very simple looking if you play it for a while. My favorite part is the geometric arrows and shapes in windows and on floors. Two areas, the MH area and the spot just below it, look very nice. Now why am I not mentioning gameplay? Well, it's very average space map; symmetrical in layout but not in item locations. All the weapons you'd expect are present. However, I have to ask, GL in a space map??

8/10 because the score is low, imho.


P.S. Neat name. Confuses with CTF though.

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Myth unregistered
#2   07 Aug 2003
Nice job on the map, not really my sort. Might have suited me more if it had been scaled down some to speed up the action.


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Rroff unregistered
#1   06 Aug 2003
A medium small space map, more playable than it looks from the screenshot. Tidy but fairly simple construction with just enough detail to prevent it from being boring. Good for a quick game, but nothing that'll really bring you back to it. Overall a neat/tidy but sparse map with no real negative points but neither has it really any positive points (unless you like space maps, I'm not a fan), bumped my rating from 5 to 6 as its well constructed, with nice performance.
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