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no sleep
no sleep by Poubellator
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AEon Rep. 521
#5   25 Aug 2009
Fun DM map that is larger than one might think when you start playing.
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MSandt unregistered
#4   04 Apr 2003
Too big. Too much walking and too little shooting. I never catched the Quad without shooting the one who's carrying it. Design was ok but didn't vary much. 7/10.
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Drexciyian unregistered
#3   31 Mar 2003
Yeah shame he didnt tart it up cos its a great map
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nitin unregistered
#2   30 Mar 2003
layout/gameplay/items are very nicely implemented. Arguably the best TDM map released in a while. Pity about the simple boring look though.

Yes I know its a cpm map and yes I know you dont give a shit about looks, but there are people who like CPMA without being completely hardcore and dont play at r_picmip 5 so that everything looks crap anwyay.

And yes it is possible to creat a good looking and good playing map, case in point nodm5 and more so hubster's recent q3jdm9a.

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4nt1 unregistered
#1   29 Mar 2003
this map rules hands down
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