cynosure by psion
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raspatan Rep. 4451
#31   16 Mar 2021
Gorgeous map, with quite good gameplay. The frosty ice is a nice touch!
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Bozo Rep. 46
#30   04 Jan 2013
Fantastic map! The architecture is incredible and allows a very fast and fluent gameplay. Although it gets some time to get used to the dominating pink. ;) 10/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#29   29 Oct 2012
Kind of reminds me of the Methane Ice planets you would see from Space Empires V.
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#28   18 Jan 2012
Sexy <3. 10/10.
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punky unregistered
#27   09 May 2003
freaking rocks
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Baby G unregistered
#26   22 Feb 2003
A job well done psion. A very cool map.
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2meke unregistered
#25   14 Feb 2003
OMFG!!!! O_o o_O I'm in constant erection mode atm. This map is soooo smooth it makes my shaved legs look like some teenage fatkids acne problem. wd psion on a map well made.
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Joey Styles unregistered
#24   13 Feb 2003
We need more PSION. Are all you aussies this talented?
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Gary Beltram unregistered
#23   13 Feb 2003
I swear you would think this map was done professionaly from the masters at ID themselves. Awesome map. 10/10
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Tim Bobz unregistered
#22   13 Feb 2003
This map is the shiznit. Me and bobby played this map for at least 17hrs straight. Its a must have for all quake 3 shizzers.
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phetsta unregistered
#21   04 Feb 2003
this ones gold in promode!! i agree the mega bit is a bit weird!! but nonetheless wicked map.

make more :-) 9/10

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VanZeR** unregistered
#20   04 Feb 2003
Yer Psion its a pretty sweet map.

I didnt even notice the colors i must have liked em :)

But goddam that 50h on the box annoyed me so much.

Ohh and i thought 1 or 2 sections of the map seemed weaponless.

Definatlety an 8.5+ map!

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Salomonderiel unregistered
#19   03 Feb 2003
WD bro, I have been playing this map @ xtra and luv it mate, nice and balanced map. Would b nice to c u in @ xtra psion sum time :-P
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psion unregistered
#18   30 Jan 2003
sks- sorry i didn't see your post earlier! (would've pointed you to BG's anyway :))

same probs here.. negative numbers.
slot 356/-356
-38940 minutes remaining.. okaaayyy

here's the BG's link:

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SKS.45 unregistered
#17   30 Jan 2003
DownloadLocation:Irvine, CAProvided By:GameSpy's FilePlanetUsers:3/-1Wait Time:None!

Riiiight :-) Wait time none.

Anyway's... I finaly found it on BurielGrounds site... Downloading now :-)

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SKS.45 unregistered
#16   30 Jan 2003
What the hay is wrong with FilePlanet the past few days.

The little pop-up window reads:

FilePlanet Download System
Currently Downloading-1 /-1
Waiting to Download 4397
Estimated Wait -11939 minutes

Is there another place to download this great looking map. I'm dying to try it out.

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psion unregistered
#15   29 Jan 2003
thx egg & grav!

there aren't meant to be any dark shadowry areas, for the v-light players. i'll have a peep at yours when i get back from work tonight. ;)

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Eggman unregistered
#14   29 Jan 2003
oops, hit submit by accident before I finished my thought. the post below is mine.

Anyway... the purple lighted areas just do not counteract the monochromatic texturing enough to make the map aesthecially pleasing in my view. The lighting could also be tweaked further as there didn't seem to be any dark shadowy areas to lurk in. This is not to say the map is ugly, the architecture is really top-notch and well done, I just think the lighting, texturing could be improved upon.

Great job, 8/10

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not entered unregistered
#13   29 Jan 2003
this is definitely a great map. the layout and architecture are well varied and non-formulaic. all the areas are open and connected very thoughtfully to each other. my only gripe is the monochromatic texturing, I guess that is intended to be the map's yin, while the purple lighting is supposed to be the counteracting yang
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Gravity Boots unregistered
#12   29 Jan 2003
Nicely realised theme, blistering movement around the place, well set up for some high powered FT action! My only gripe is the somewhat pointless launchpad to grab MH - it's just weird to be launched down a corridor rather than across a gap, but I feel it's a minor nitpick.

8/10 from me!

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psion unregistered
#11   29 Jan 2003
currently hard at it with the bgmp2 team, then onto psidm8 (possibly a cpm dueller or 2nd freeze map.. options are still wide open)

chrisis: i hate invis too :)

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nitin unregistered
#10   28 Jan 2003

I also mentioned that I didnt like the openness and the rockwork as well as the color scheme and item tweaks. That's enough for the 6.5 IMHO.

Anyway, it's only a score, many other people like it so it's not a big deal.

psion, what else are you working on?

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chrisis unregistered
#9   28 Jan 2003
This is a magic map. Love the purpose-built multiple skirmish areas as well as fast and furious travelling between arenas. In fact, moving about the map is fantastic -- corridors, jump-pads, teleports and even the occasional porthole all contribute to blitzing about like a freezing loon.

The colours are totally groovy too. Thank goodness you didn't put in invis! ;-)

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kinetik unregistered
#8   28 Jan 2003
What can I say 'cept that he's a talented mofo :D PSION - t0m0rr0w aight, rEspec'!
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haste unregistered
#7   28 Jan 2003
6.5 for not liking the color and thinking the items needed a tweak? That's harsh.

Anyway, n1 psion. It was fun to see this thing grow up. :) Hopefully it'll get used on a few more servers. Get it in one of the leagues and you'll be in business...

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EBUK unregistered
#6   28 Jan 2003
As said before you either love or hate the colours, I loved it! The only gripe I have and it is a small nit pick are the icicles! WTF you think!? :) You could have used different styles/lengths instead of it looking like a 'fringe', maybe my eyes anyhoo!

Other than that its great, very open, your gonna have to be quick! i.e sound travels well, with correct tactics you could develop quite a stand off by collecting players in lower areas and prowling above, a la Q3DM6, but a lot more open with great chances for a player thats outnumbered, to snag a rail and pick at the enemy..

Great Map, Fast and a challenge to seasoned FT players!


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psion unregistered
#5   28 Jan 2003
no worries man, each to their own... :) i knew lots would love the colour scheme, and lots would hate it. when u go for a grey/pink scheme you have to expect that.

ta Storm :D .. exactly. imo, small/cramped/tight is bad (especially for freezetag) unless it's a duel map for the next promode pack.. i like room to move. ;) i love getting comments of praise from yourself because i enjoy your maps and their style so much also. :D

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nitin unregistered
#4   27 Jan 2003

no I didnt mean blue lighting, I meant colder lookin purple lighting. Of course it's a matter of personal taste though, I mean stormshadow seems to like it as is. I still stand by my openess and rockwork comments though.

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StormShadow unregistered
#3   27 Jan 2003
I thought the lighting was the best part of this map - the aethetics are really spectacular. The first time i played it, the mood blew me away - it felt like i was in a black and white film, where the only color was a soft purple. Maybe the fact that i was under the influence contributed to that feeling? VERY well achieved theme.

It is a bit big and open.. but thats certainly not a bad thing, i think it works out very well for this map. Well put together, great theme. Cant wait to get on a pub and shoot around on it with acutal people.


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psion unregistered
#2   27 Jan 2003
thx for the review Vile. :D

nitin, sorry u don't dig the aethetics or open-ness .. thats just my style, it's not really that open in a 7 vs 7 freezetag game. hmm, colder.. sure blue looks colder, but tis a bit cliche'. blue is used to death on tech/cold monochrome maps, plus i used blue on my first 'ame7 pink sky' map... so i went all out pink this time. :)

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nitin unregistered
#1   27 Jan 2003
a bit too open, quite a bit of wasted/unutilised space. MG ammo in FFA mode seems a bit silly, works quite well in FFA otherwise and even in TDM.

As for the look, IMHO the warm pink lighting with the arctic textures just doesnt go well together. The purple/pink scheme in itself is fine, but it should have been a bit colder to match with the setting more though. There was some nice brushwork in there, but the rockwork and snow areas could have done with more work. ATM, they look very unconvincing and quite flat.

All said, it's a fine map but could be even better with a few aesthetic and item tweaks.

6.5/10 as is though.

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