cynosure by psion

Cynosure by psion is a breathe of fresh air, creating an environment that makes you want to shiver from it's very cold atmospheric appearance. Using a wide range of textures from various artist's like Yogi and the skybox by amethyst7, modified shaders and textures from Evil Lair and even custom textures by the author himself.

The map is an array of monochrome bricks and machines with frost and snow on windows and snow bursting through some windows with an appearance of being under an avalanche in spots. Purple lighting gleams under a pink sky giving a feel of a very frozen environment that has been dormant for a century. The author created the map for use with the Freeze tag mod, with TDM in mind. It plays just as well with FFA in my opinion. The connectivity is great. You can load in 3 bots and still have a pretty fast paced game, although the map is large enough to hold 20 easily.

It's wide open in most areas with hallways that are equal to not making you feel like you don't have enough room to move around. I'd almost recommend using CPMA freeze tag as the map offers plenty of opportunity for trick and double jumps with hallways that are long enough for you to gain a lot of speed from bunny-hopping, while some of the reachable spots might be hard without promode physics.

All the available weapons minus the BFG are included plus YA, RA and a Regeneration powerup. One of the hallways has a launchpad that shoots you long distance into the next area of the map while collecting a MegaHealth out of mid air. If you're into using the grappling hook, you'll have plenty of opportunity to fly around like a web-slinger =). The r_speeds are amazingly low for the amount of detail and the size of the map. I played it on a Pentium 2 and had no problems. Bot support is excellent, since it seems like every time you turn around your back into a fight. They use the whole map, a nice bonus. I highly recommend downloading the map whether your into freeze tag or not cause plain and simply it's a quality top notch map.

I can't wait to see future releases from psion. This is quite possibly the best frozen map ever created.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (120 votes)

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