TecH TeRRoR II by MaGiC-WaLKeR
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bXr unregistered
#6   05 Dec 2002
Okay... it's the one that leads to a yellow armor, but I understand now: You made the jump space less to accomodate the tight corridor...
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bXr unregistered
#5   05 Dec 2002

I'll try to find it again... It's still a solid tourney map... Good job!

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MaGiC-WaLKeR unregistered
#4   02 Dec 2002
thanks :) it's good to hear people are injoying the map...

bXr wich jumppad do you mean? the one to the yellow armor or the one 2 the shotgun?

As for the item placement,I need to learn alot i guesse :)

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EBUK unregistered
#3   02 Dec 2002
Loved this one! I would have dropped the yellow health bubble in the underpass though, in favour of 3/4 greenies!

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bXr unregistered
#2   02 Dec 2002
A nice and small Tourney map, I have to say...

There's something wrong with one of the j-pads, though... It like, 'jeez, I'm standing on it, right?', and then oluvasudden... Fhoom!! I'm in the air...

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Apoc unregistered
#1   01 Dec 2002
I really love this map. Actually I love all of MW's maps.. I'm his biggest fan! ;)

but.. seriously.. it's a great map with a lot of action and great trick jumps

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