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Title, Author : TecH TeRRoR II

- a Quake 3 map -


MiKe "MaGiC-WaLkEr" Neuhoff

Filename : Mw3Tourney1A.pk3

File size : 2.35 MB

Description : I really like this map but there where some
bug'z and the fps could be better so i made
a new version of TT.Not much visual changes
but the fps are alot better :)
Homepage : www.henslfuk.nl/magic

Editors Used : Q3Radiant

Compile Machine : Pentium III 933 / 256 MB RAM

Compile Time : around 5MIN

Installation : just copy the Mw3Tourney1A.pk3 in your /quake3/baseq3 directory...

Credits : Special thanx 2 bass and mangel [:P] for letting me
host my website on the henslfuk site :))
and offcourse evil lair thanx for your great textures !!!
and 2 evryone who downloaded my map and plays it.

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