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===================================================== LDAQ3A05CTF by Lee David Ash e-mail: **email removed** website: www.planetquake.com/violationE/ ===================================================== Tools: Q3Radiant 202, GTKradiant 1.2.5 MilkShape3D, Paint Shop Pro 4/7, Photoshop 6, Q3 Shader Editor. Name: LDAQ3A05CTF Brushes: 5896 Entities: 235 Vis type: Fullvis Bot behaviour: Good FPS rating: Decent Credit/Thanks2: id software, D.L.ASH, Daniel Schnider James O'Connell, Carl Kidwell, Ifurita, Nick Kuiper, Adrian Kurtin, Mark Lewis, Alyssa Wescott, Alyssa Daniels, Taurus, [GSF]FiN. Date: 21/05/02 Known Bugs/design flaws:- The larger of the trees screw up at a certain distance, swapping what is displayed back and forth rapidly between close polygons. Also, at certain positions, the extra brushes beyond the bounds of the map, the 'mountains' (I suppose) will seem to disappear due to vis, but this is rare, from what I've seen. There is also a number of overlapping faces where some shoddy brushwork has been done. In my opinion, the whole map is a bug, really. There's also been some problems with the water and some missing faces. I've updated the water texture, but there's not much I could do about the 'hall of mirrors' with the missing faces. Is a bastard! As far as the CTF cave connection goes, that's got a number of tiny cracks here and there on the walls which are very annoying, even during fast-paced gameplay. Some of those were just impossible to locate but it was worse before, trust me. Oh yes, there are also some shonky textures on the red flag side. They looked fine in Radiant, so what can I do? Designer's note:- Still not what I had in mind for a forest map but this is special to me. Typical of me, not much time or effort put into this but I'm more than happy with this for two main reasons - excellent bot compatibility and this is the first time (since accidently with maybe a couple of my Q2 maps) vis works like a dream. Now I understand, yes, now I see. I've made about a dozen maps before I even understood how to map properly. Still, as if you're interested to know, I look at my Quake days as but a period of learning. Slow learner, aye, it's true that I be. Ignorant, well if I was truely then I'd have to fully deny that. Stop talking crap? No, never. I've been awake for far too long now. Many hazardous a substance. Kids, say no! Where was I? Oh yes, the map. Hehehe. It's all crap really. I always say that but I am comparing it to an estimated vision of how I will do with future projects. Back to the subject, hmphf, it's just LDAQ3A05Tx2 connected with very cheaply done caves. Still, I think my unique terrain brush techniques deserve, at least, a tiny amount of credit. It's not often you see terrain go into enclosed sections like that. People are always using terrain generators. How lazy. Man, I done all of this brushwork myself, bit by bit, and I think it paid off. I'm wasting precious bytes here.
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