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A Small Rush
* THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES COMMERCIAL VERSION OF QUAKE3 ARENA TO PLAY * - Release Information - ----------------------- Version : Final Release Date : 2nd November 2002 Comments :- This is actually my second Quake3 Arena CTF map release, the first being "4 for a Laugh" (MV CTF02). The reason for the mixup in the numbering was that I started on this map first and then paused for a while, during which time, mvctf02 got started, finished and released before mvctf01. Also to note, this is not the original mvctf01 I started working on. The first was a very large map, that I got bored of and have indefenetly selfed and consequently started on this much small CTF map. - Installation & Usage - ------------------------ 1) Extract map-mvctf01.pk3 and place it into the baseq3 folder found within your Quake3 folder. Commonly "\Program Files\Quake III Arena\baseq3" 2) Start Quake3 Arena 3a) Select "Multiplayer", "Create", then select game type "Capture The Flag". Now scroll throw the levels until you find "mvctf01" select the map, now select "Fight". -or- 3b) In the command console, simply type: /map mvctf01 - Map Information - ------------------- Name : A Small Rush Filename : map-mvctf01.pk3 Author : Eric Sambach (aka Munyul Verminard) Website : www.planetquake.com/munyul Email : munyul AT hotmail DOT com Comments :- This is a very small and fast paced CTF map. I would recommend teams of either 3 or 4 players, any more than that and it would quickly become over crowded. There is really only one way to either base and that is via the lower level, which forces the two teams to "fight" it out and makes getting away with the flag a challenge! Flag runners will require a lot of cover fire to successfully get away... The bots navigate the level quite well, but never use the jumppads in the middle to gain access to the base. - Special Thanks - ------------------ To all the people involved with the maintenace and further development of GtkRadiant and all associated tools. Also a big thank you to Joehill, RasputiN and Tetzlaff for thier feedback during beta testing. I'd also like to pass on a greeting to all the forum members of the Map Center (www.map-center.com)) - Legal Information - --------------------- 1) This level may NOT be distributed for ANY sort of financial gain! 2) People, groups, organisations, entities and the like may FREELY distribute this level (.pk3) via any electronic format as long as this file is included and both remain in original form. 3) This level may NOT be used as a base to build further levels without the authors explicied permission. 4) The author can not be held responsible for any consiquences that may occur from using or possessing this level. * THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES COMMERCIAL VERSION OF QUAKE3 ARENA TO PLAY *
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