Cast Into Shadows
Cast Into Shadows by QuartZ
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PaN61 Rep. 385
#43   26 Mar 2010
In the middle of the map, the jumpads could have been adjusted so you could get the powerups and so you could get onto the top ledges on the sides of the map, plus you hit your head on a clip brush while getting launched off the jumpads.

The gameplay and lighting is really good, textures are used nicely and bots played really well.

Great CTF map Quartz, 8.5/10.


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Cyco-Dude unregistered
#42   01 Jan 2002
outstanding map; the layout, architecture, lighting, textures...

however, on the lower base on both sides (by the two lightning ammo packs), there is a spot of light, but no light! did you forget those? also, the jumppads on the bridge in lower middle - you hit your head on a clip brush. methinks it wouldve been better if they flung you on that top edge in the middle.

other than that, its an awesome map. i give it a 9

err...that website you linked earlier is not up anymore quartz.

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SyncMaster unregistered
#41   05 Oct 2001
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dolomite unregistered
#40   16 Jul 2001
Steinecke: check your vid card drivers cuz this map kicks ass.
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PHEONIX unregistered
#39   13 Jun 2001
Damned map's been sucking several hours out of my life on a regular basis. Great map!
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[BG]Sh1ny unregistered
#38   23 Feb 2001
Cool.Think of making some Classic CTF maps?
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[QSP] Bearclaw unregistered
#37   01 Jan 2001
Good Map, but the botplay could be better...
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Glock unregistered
#36   29 Aug 2000
I like it, can it be rereleased with menu support?
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not entered unregistered
#35   23 Aug 2000
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Goblin King unregistered
#34   15 Aug 2000
This map is alright I does have a nice little bug I found. You can jump above the bases in the rafters by the flag and shoot down at people. I know this wasnt the map authors intent as he put clip brushes everywhere except that one spot.
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speedjack unregistered
#33   28 Jun 2000
Speaking as someone who prefers a good CTF game over DM or Tourney - in my humble opinion this is the best CTF map around. So good, its survived 3 formats of my hard disk :-)
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Trainee unregistered
#32   14 Jun 2000
The play is fast and furious...and the architecture is great, what more could want? Well okay the bots dont work right.
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Steinecke unregistered
#31   18 May 2000
Oh... my... Eyes! Those colors... This map is really ugly. Who has colored it? Undead Walt Disney?
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RiO unregistered
#30   12 May 2000
Ah, lovely map! Thanks QuartZ!
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LordManwe unregistered
#29   01 May 2000
One hell of a ctf, just felt that perhaps it had a few to many corridors/portals and a bit to easy in places.
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Nitro unregistered
#28   22 Apr 2000
Great map, and actually works well with the bots.

No lag at all, but that's becuase I'm using a 600MHZ Athlon with a GeForce DDR ;)

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Ronin unregistered
#27   29 Mar 2000
Good playing map, nice game flow, can be bad if people camp out the health and armor, even more so is the fact that more and more CTF servers out there are running it, so if you want to play download it!
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MacJammer unregistered
#26   10 Mar 2000
WTF? I can't download this map from the LVL. I get this:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ','.

/lvl/download.asp, line 28

this sucks bigtime!

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QuartZ unregistered
#25   06 Mar 2000
checking wow wow, don't know why you guys are so nice, but THANX. I am currently finishing up my "built-from-scratch" conversion of Q1DM6. All new curves, patches, shaders, textures, etc. Looks really strange to see a Q3 DM6 done properly. Should be done any day now. Keep kickin' ass on QUARTZCTF1...until QUARTZCTF2 is out!
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AtillA unregistered
#24   05 Mar 2000
This is ONE of the beZt maps I've played in Q3-CTF!
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Extasi unregistered
#23   05 Mar 2000
This is the best CTF map i have played yet!
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Drizzt988 unregistered
#22   05 Mar 2000
This is the best CTF map i have played yet!
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QuartZ unregistered
#21   03 Mar 2000
Back again to see if their are any questions...but I see you are all getting along quite well without me =) I get lag on all maps when I load up too many bots (around 8-10) I have a Dual PII 450 machine running SMP under Win2000, 256MB ram, and a GeForce DDR. The bots just suck up CPU, plain and simple, doesnt matter what map =( Smart bots require lots of cpu usage, sux but cool.


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Fool unregistered
#20   02 Mar 2000
Playing this level with bots was absolutly boring. They seemed to stick to the same youte every time. I never came close to getting low on health thanks to the teleporter and the nifty 100 health on each side. And as long as I'm talking about bots: I have a PII 350, 128 mg RAM, and a VooDoo 3, and yet by the time I filled the level up with the amount of bots required for significant action I was L A G G I N G. Perhaps the rooms were too large, or maybe I should just re-boot my piece of crap computer. :-/ Either way, it's my fault and not the authors.

But, for human play this level would kick any ID CTF map up and down the street. The health thing wouldn't be a big deal and I think everyone knows humans are a LITTLE stealthier than bots. That's where the multiple entrances would be really nice. I like how the author made the multiple entrances high, middle, and low rather than left, right, and center. Very nice touch. 8 outta 10 for me. (I could go on, but I don't think y'all want to read my novel;-)

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Jim unregistered
#19   02 Mar 2000
I ran into this map running on a server last night- I had forgotten I had downloaded it earlier, so I jumped on, and played a nice 3 on 3 for about 10 minutes or so. So of course I was learning the map as I was playing it.

This map is nothing less than visually stunning, and very well laid out. Definately one of the best CTF maps I've seen, even better than some of the id and threewave maps.

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Octovus unregistered
#18   01 Mar 2000
Rightio, tx a bunch for giving us the address QuartZ, if it's as good as this one I am sure to keep it.
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Khabal{KoF} unregistered
#17   01 Mar 2000
Sweet CTF mojo. We've added this one to the Server CTF rotation cause it kicks ass.

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QuartZ unregistered
#16   29 Feb 2000
My new space map: QUARTZDM2 is available now! Here's the link to my site:

Choose the quake maps section from the main page and grab it!

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not entered unregistered
#15   29 Feb 2000
QuartZ - sorry about not sending you out a email that your map had been added (its meant to go out automatically when i add a level). The server upgrade to the GameSpyNetwork has caused a few server bugs/ code bugs to showup in my code, I've informed the GSN tech guys and I have an altrenavie autoemaler code to use now - Wow, that was long winded :] -
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QuartZ unregistered
#14   29 Feb 2000
Wow, hehe first time I checked back in here in a long time! Didn't realize that my map had already been reviewed. I want to thank everyone for supporting me and this map. It was a lot of work and I think it paid off cuz I'm grinning ear-to-ear. Like space maps? I'm submitting my newest map (completed yesterday) to this site so look out for that too! You can check MY map page here to get ahold of QUARTZDM2 sooner though.

I hope it is up and ready for download by the time you read this!

Thanks again, and I make the maps for YOU! hehehehe, enjoy 'em!

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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#13   29 Feb 2000
The architecture in the map IS amazing, but I think combined with the colourfull textures and lighting it makes the map feel a bit cluttered.
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[ULI]-Quincy unregistered
#12   29 Feb 2000
An genius Map. The Flagroom looks so amazing !! I cant tell much about the Gameplay, but i thing it rockz :))

But the Graphics are absolutely genius !! D/L NOW

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Octovus unregistered
#11   27 Feb 2000
Np, just thought I'd point that out.


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Redrum unregistered
#10   27 Feb 2000
I stand corrected. Thanks Octovus. I must've messed something up a while back when I last tried it out.


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Octovus(typo) unregistered
#9   27 Feb 2000
The and in the first sentence is meant to be any .


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Octovus unregistered
#8   27 Feb 2000
Well, just so you know Redrum, and ctf map can be played in dm.. I do that a lot accidentally by starting up Q3 and then just typing in the maps command line (I.E., /map quartzctf1) and they load as ffa.. yes, the spawn points are still ctf oriented, but if you meant different spawn points/weapon placements you shoulda said so.

Anywho, about the map.. nice overall, I found the middle area looked a little bit hazy all over. That might have been Quartz's intent, I just don't like it personally. Yes, the bot/teleporter thing is annoying, but I , DO think the teleporters are good for keeping defense busy. My only other thought is that being able to get the rl, walk a few steps, grab a mega-health and then run out onto the middle grounds (or to the flag room, depending what you are doing) is just a little to much, mayb the megahealth could be a 50 health instead. Just a thought though. Nince map, 8 outa 10.

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Hobbes unregistered
#7   27 Feb 2000
Correction: There is quad in the central area. I got a bad series of teamed item respawns. still i'd make it just the quad.


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Hobbes unregistered
#6   27 Feb 2000
Now this is a fine map indeed. Quartz says that the map is supposed to be dark and forboding but i found it to be bright and energetic. FPS were quite good. The flag-room has probably the biggest hit (im running a voodoo2). Which i think i remember someone saying was a bad thing. But i think its such a nice setup in there that the balance is just right. The map is small in travel time because of the teleports. I am of the opinion that in their current setup travelling through the central area is a bit too fast in the lower section. An inversion of the top floor would be a suitable addition for the lower section ( a T-intersection with stairs leading down to the lower floor of the flag room ). Then place the teleport to the lg on the base-side of the lower floor vis-blocking wall. ( yeh, i know that made no sense ). The point is the trip f2f along the lower section would take just as long and you still get to use those lovely teleports.

I wouldnt say the map is geared toward offense totally. I mean the ability to stock up majorly using the teleports rl/ya to rl/mh is a huge defensive ( or yes, a lucky offensive )boost, no? It probably seems less defensive orientated because the rail is in a sniper-less position and the map is relatively high-ground free, with the exception of the flag room and the little roof-trim in the main area ( which out of the entire maps aspects seemed very out of place. Maybe its Quartz's gesture for a rg sniping spot? bah. as much as i love the rg, this map could do without the trim spots, just make the bounce pads shoot to the floating power-up.

And was there supposed to be quad in this map? quad or a bfg in place of the central regen would throw a cat among the pigeons ( is that the right saying? L ).

But the overall constructed quality is great. I cant wait for Quartz's next work =D

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MMZ>Revealer unregistered
#5   26 Feb 2000
Quartz.. You do some really kick ass maps.. I love this map and it is already put in my special LAN party pak file and is gonna be run on the CTF server. The look is great and the gameplay is great..


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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#4   26 Feb 2000
This map is ok, a bit small for my liking but the item placement is decent. It's a very offense oriented map, and controlling the middle ground is definetly a nescessity if you hope to have any chance at defending your flag. This is a good map for those of you who enjoy fast paced CTF games, the pace of this map is pretty comparable to the CTF maps that come with Q3.

One gripe I had with this map was that the bots don't seem to play it well, I couldn't get them to use the teleporters on any skill level unless they were following me.

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Redrum unregistered
#3   26 Feb 2000
Got a question for you mapper guys. I haven't dl'd this map but I'm guessing you can't play DM on it as I couldn't on some of the other sweet CTF maps out there.

This is a question/suggestion kind of thing:

The question is: how much extra work is it to make it DM capable? My guess is that it need placement of the DM spawn points and maybe extra ammo or weapon points?. I genuinely believe that some of the CTF maps I've seen would make very good DM maps and it's frustating not being able to give them a go even. Before someone flames me I also understand that weapon placement etc should remain tied to the CTF game and that the over-riding design goal is to create a rockin CTF map.

I think that it's a shame to waste all that good work by not allowing some of us to potentially use the map for another purpose if it is easy to put the necessary stuff in. Think of it this way if you spend upwards of 6 days making a CTF map whats an extra hour putting it the necessary DM stuff? Think of the thousands of extra people that could enjoy you map who don't want to play a ctf game.

I may be wrong and if I am, I am sorry I should have RTFM. Just a suggestion thats all....

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strik-999 unregistered
#2   26 Feb 2000
well....nice map with good wepon placement....i don't like the teleporters to much though. kinda cool but seems to me that it will lessen the gore factor of the middle grounds...and well we all like gore..smirk =) Guess it's good for keepin the defenders on their toes though...hehe..all and all though nice map and good job...keep em coming....
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#1   26 Feb 2000
This is by far the best symetrical,not too innovative q3 ctf by far.....and I don't mean this in a bad way!This map is so sweet!!!
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