Pure Skillz Map 1
Pure Skillz Map 1 by Hijinks
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#41   09 Jul 2012
I remember trying this with Hunt. Thought it would be fun. Actually, it was! Hilarious with cramped space while I get to shoot teh monstaz on the other side of the broken bridge!

7.5 :)

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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#40   08 Jul 2012
LOL! I actually laughed when I played this map. It's so much fun and bots always seem to fall of the broken bridge. Lots of fun and yes you need pure skill to play this map :). 8.5/10.
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kerygma unregistered
#39   12 Feb 2001
Awesome map. Loved since the first day. Still on my rotation.
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Sanane unregistered
#38   19 Dec 2000
Very good map to hide nowhere :)). And I like the item placements.
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Steinecke unregistered
#37   10 Apr 2000
The useless door should be turned into a teleporter or a trap or both.
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wAnnAfight unregistered
#36   16 Mar 2000
Kewl green slime death death!

Needs access to towers on the corners!!

The broken bridge door needs to lead somewhere

Awesome TELEporters!


Keep up the work , make a new level with these changes i pointed out.

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Hijinks unregistered
#35   12 Mar 2000
Btw, if someone adds this to a server rotation please send me some mail.


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Hijinks unregistered
#34   08 Mar 2000
Argh, I need to read everything first sorry for the triple response. The green goop is under the level, along the bottom on all the edges are push entities that push you to the middle of the bottom. I actually uncovered a bug with the push entity when I noticed it's suppose to have the default wind sound. Well ID didn't include that sound so I had to put it in the pak file. After the push to the middle there is another push entity in the middle to push you up as well to push you up. So the ending effect is you are under the top fighting area.

I was only actually trying to make it so you explode in the air above the level. I had no way to make it look cool though so I decided on the push effect :)

Also wanted to mention because it was brought up. The shader effect on the teleporter is all stock. I combined the water brush with another brush electric type brush and stuck lights inside. The lights are angled inward to give the brush an inlit feel to it.

You can actually pull off some neato effects if you combine brushes and experiment a little. The goop is easy it was just the water brush combined with the slime brush. Gives the slime a better feel.

Again, sorry about the triple post.

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Hijinks unregistered
#33   08 Mar 2000
The best way to view the green goop (sorry missed that question) is to use the spectator mode :)
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Hijinks unregistered
#32   08 Mar 2000
Thats actually a bug with teh engine. You can survive the pits of death on the ID ctf maps if you lag the client enough as well.
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Epikur unregistered
#31   08 Mar 2000
Hi, i found some kind of bug (not that it would matter) in this map. When im maxing out the graphics on my PC (P600,128MB,G400max) it's getting really laggy down in the cave and i can survive the teleport one out of three times. Is that wanted? Usually i'll get splashed.
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NoMercy unregistered
#30   08 Mar 2000
This map is one of the best I have play fast deadly and noware to hide. Ammo for the RL being a bit more spaced out and easier to reach would have been good.
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Joe unregistered
#29   07 Mar 2000
This Map kix! I love the neet little teleports, pits, and other fun stuff...

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Octovus unregistered
#28   07 Mar 2000
For all green goop lovers- Rejoice! You can view the green goop as long as you want Darkhalfs, just start a mod that has the grapple hook and hook onto one of the walls in side. You can actually walk around on the floor of the room, but don't go to the dark areas as they will transport you up to the green goop again. My guess is this is the bottom part of the level and teleporters are along the bottom of the pits to transport you to the green goop room. Am I right Hijinks? Anywho just a kwl thing to do on a kwl map. =)
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Hijinks unregistered
#27   07 Mar 2000
Heh, decided to check back to see if any new comments were made :). I wanted to comment on the RG not being on the map. I had a beta version that had it but it leaves the top too easy to camp if it's up there or too easy to sit on one side of the map and pick the other person off. So I took it out and got back to the root of deathmatch instead of sitting back and picking people off.

The RG would work better if I made it smaller but as it sits the weapons that are in make for a good balance.

Anyhow, again .. glad people enjoyed it. As for the door on the side it's really there just for looks.

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Khabal{KoF} unregistered
#26   07 Mar 2000
This map is cool as hell. I u susaly don't like boxy maps, but this one is an exception. It's fun, fast-paced, and the bots seem to play it VERY well.

Nice job.


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Darkhalf unregistered
#25   06 Mar 2000
I'm always trying to beat down maps, like Rocket Jumping to No-No places, and i managed on my way up to the green goo of death to slow myself down by impacting rockets on the walls above me.

That goo looks cool. Too bad most people only get to see it for 2 seconds before they rain all across the map. =P

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Fool unregistered
#24   03 Mar 2000
I'm sorry. Shoot me if you want to. But I have to come back to this. Replace the PG with the LG and throw in a RG and you've got yourself a game. BAck to the old stratagy of hit em with the rail and finish em with ChainGun. (can I even say chaingun when we're talking about Q3A?) ;-)~
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djembe unregistered
#23   03 Mar 2000

I just played Doom on Hardcore for about three hours.

Generally I'm not too fond of playing bots, but as intended, there are no "cheesy tactics".

Fast and furious, must pay attention at all times. Right on.


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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#22   03 Mar 2000
I Normally don't play much box levels but I made an exception for this one good that I did because it's nice but could you make an update so you can go throught the door please??????.

this is a verry good level keep it going

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#21   02 Mar 2000
Yeah, RG would have been nice, but i think if that was in I'd use it and nothing else. However as it is I don't use anything other than the RL, so I guess that doesn't matter. This map would be awesome as a rocket arena 1 on 1 map. Also it's hella fun when playing instagib. w00p!
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Fool unregistered
#20   02 Mar 2000
This author know's much about "Da Skills". This map takes all the glamor, gadgets, power-ups, ritzy crap out of the DM experience and leaves you with....well one hell of a DM experiance! I'm not going to mull over what everyone else has said, but I do have one MAJOR complaint. With a map like this that is all about skillz in DM, WHERE IS THE RAILGUN?! My jaw dropped when I saw it wasn't in there. And all through the play of it, i kept thinking to myself as Doom would jump down away from my incoming rockets, "If ONLY I'd had a RAILGUN!" Seriously needs the RG. But enough of beating the limping horse.

This is in direct response to the author: "I played it for many hours one on one with friends and couldn't find any cheezy tactics to get frags on them." There is one cheesy tactic. However, I'm not sure it's really cheesy or just good strategy. Anyhootz, here it is. Listen for the jumpad while you're on top. Then as they land you can pump 30 rounds of plasma gun into 'em before they can even see where you are. Who knows? Could be just good stratagy.

Anyway, 9 outta 10 for me. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is the RG thing. Maybe I should give it an 8, but I'm in a good mood;-)~

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Barbiedoll2k unregistered
#19   02 Mar 2000
a fun map. And hard as hell!

this girl did not expect mere Hurt Me plenty bots could give you so much trouble until I played this. Reminds me of a certain Hunter with lightning gun. Hmm... 8

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Rabid_Dog unregistered
#18   01 Mar 2000
Wow, keep up the good work! Very original and lots of fast game play.

I also wanted to get across the bridge and explore! Was a little laggy an on LAN game, music was off, played best with 3 people.

Give us some more!

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MrGTI unregistered
#17   01 Mar 2000
A very nice map. Well worth the download. I'd like to see another map like this, but maybe a little bigger - maybe for up to 8 or 10 players.

By the way,... i kept thinking the doorway at the end of the bridge led to the towers. I wanted to get there so badly.

Anyway,... very good map.

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not entered unregistered
#16   29 Feb 2000
I really like this map,plays great.
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enZ unregistered
#15   28 Feb 2000
A thoroughly fun map. Looks nice and plays very fast. No way to control things in 1v1, but you can still get the upper hand for brief periods. Definitely lives up to the name, it's a skill map. Looking forward to more in this series. Not quite sure what ALS meant... my wrist gets tired before I get bored ;)


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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#14   28 Feb 2000
Octovus, I was also playing on hurt me plenty, I can usually dominate FFA's on that skill level, but 1 on 1 the bots are quite a bit tougher, because you can't snipe them from a distance without retaliation. This map has so many methods of escape that the bots become even tougher.

However, for human competition, this is a very very good map, and really puts you on even ground with your opponent, no more of that 'i win because i snagged the megahealth and red armor' crap. ;)

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Evilguru unregistered
#13   28 Feb 2000
Swizzeet.....This is my favorite small map to play...My guts just keep flyin out the top....smirk...good job man...
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Hijinks unregistered
#12   28 Feb 2000
Thx to whoever send me mail letting me know the map was here :) I sent this in about 2 months ago so I almost gave up hope. So to everyone waiting .. don't give up. He must have a ton of maps to review.

As for the lag thing.. I eliminated alot of the problems and kept the R_SPEEDS to under 11000 max on the map. I had a problem with the bottom slime/teleporter effect showing through but got it taken care of with a clip brush. Other then that I noticed if you play with the music OFF it plays much smoother. Not sure why music needs to continually read from the drive but oh well. If you play it and the music caches then it stops lagging a little. (most people don't reconize the lag but I am overly picky about r_speeds etc)

All in all though after the map made many transitions I think I got some decent gameplay out of it. You can't really dominate the resources and it can become a real test of vertical aiming at times. Also no weapon is any better then the next on it. I played it for many hours one on one with friends and couldn't find any cheezy tactics to get frags on them.

Thx again guys!

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Octovus unregistered
#11   28 Feb 2000
Hehe... 100 to 98 =P Yeppers, you make those bots hard, they whoop your ass no matter what.. just a question for ya D3. What skill level was Doom on?
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#10   27 Feb 2000
Yeah, I have to agree with squirrel on this one- the main downfall of this map is that i got 0wn3d by doom! ;)
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squirrel unregistered
#9   27 Feb 2000
I agree skill are where it is at. Like Hunter on q3tourney2. You need skills to beat her. On this map you need lots of skills. Just got beat by " Hunter" at "Hurt me plenty". I need to work on my accuracy. Great map. P.S. she beat me 100 to 98.
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AssBall unregistered
#8   27 Feb 2000
I liked alot of things about this map, all of which have already been mentioned. This map is great for violent shotgun duels. I didn't miss the lack of powerups either. Keep them coming, Hijinks.
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Jim unregistered
#7   27 Feb 2000
Its nice to see mappers trying new things with Q3. This map worked out very well, despite a decrease in FPS occasionally. What I liked most about it was what happens when you end up in the wrong place. I think it would have been better if this map made it easier to find yourself in the wrong place, maybe more holes in the fence, a lower fence, or making the fence closer to the ledges on the top. It would have also been nice if the bridge led to something other than a dead end, like maybe a jump pad that brought you to to the top of the perimeter wall.

Nonetheless, a nice map.

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Octovus unregistered
#6   27 Feb 2000
Bang on d3... U gotta be able to play and play well to win this map, especially in one on one. The effect when you fall in the pit was interesting enough that after I acidentally fell in once I jumped in again just to see what had happened. (I was just playing bots though) ;)

Also, I am completely and utterly a fragfest kinda guy, and that is annoying when maps are so huge it takes eight or ten to get there... with three, this map already gets messy, and with four up.. you aint gonna be around long.

GREAT for a box map, nice for a first release.. nice job!

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#5   26 Feb 2000
I don't know about boring gameplay, this is a cool map for one on one. It really does focus on 'pure skillz'; you're not gonna dominate the map by powerups or weapons, only by taking your opponent down with a vengeance! ;)
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ALS unregistered
#4   26 Feb 2000
nice work, but boring gameplay!!
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not entered unregistered
#3   26 Feb 2000
It really requires a lot of skill an excellent map if you ask me!!!!
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-=<<Bi0>>>=- unregistered
#2   26 Feb 2000
That's a 1st map to be proud of. My first map isn't half as good, and the box format doesn't usually work for maps, this one's done well though. Oh my god! The review guy said something positive about some maps recently! Better not keep it up, might become a habit ;-)
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strik-999 unregistered
#1   26 Feb 2000
I'm not really into the tourney style but this map rocks...even 1-1 it's intense stuff...really good work HIjinks...I personally enjoy the towers in the corners. helps give it that grim feeling...smirk...be waiting for more from ya....
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